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Hello fellow actors! Have you ever been searching the web looking for a monologue or a scene that you could perform in your drama class? Welcome to my collection of scenes and monologues that I and some of my friends have written and performed over the last couple of years. I must tell you now that there are no fancy graphics or any other "web enhancers" on this site. Just excellent quality scripts and monologues that are both demanding and a pleasure to perform!

Now, I think that it is important to state this information before you go any further. The roots of the scripts are as follows: my original writings from ADA 3M and ADA 4M classes (grade eleven and grade twelve drama classes), my current musings and submissions from international web visitors. I ask if you do like these plays and decide to use them, please e-mail me and tell me how it went. Yes, that is all. I am not asking for anything else for the use of my plays but the above. But, if you want to send me money, gold or anything else, that is all right too!

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