I awoke with the positive sensation that I was not alone in the room. My hands were shaking and I felt a cold drop of sweat roll down my face. My eyes peeled open and surveyed every corner of the room. I noticed the curtains swaying from the cool breeze. My mirror lined with the memories of my four years at Goodrich Junior High. Nothing looked different or the least bit suspicious, but I still felt the presence of something, or someone. I heard a creaking coming from my bathroom door. For a split second, I thought that some great green monster was going to jump out and kill me, but then I soon realized that it was the same sound I had heard every night since I moved in here. I glanced at the clock and saw the bright fluorescent green numbers staring me in the eye. It was 10:30, only an hour since I had fallen asleep during my daily late night study session. It was a Thursday night, exactly two days after my 14th birthday. Even though it was already April, my "Anne Geddes" calendar was still displaying March. As I looked around my room, my fear began to settle and dissolve as I observed every aspect of my bedroom. As I began to tuck myself back into my Beauty and the Beast bed covers, I was quickly distracted by a bright red Converse shoe sticking out of my closet. A shoe I had never before seen in my life. And even worse, it was still on someone's foot! With a heavily beating heart, I reached over and turned on my bedside lamp. As the light flicked on, my closet doors, bathroom and bedroom doors all flew open to display my best friend Megan and seven of my other friends, clad in birthday decorations yelling, "surprise!!" and then bursting out into boisterous laughter at the misfortune of the fright they had caused me. I unclenched my fists, sighed with relief and laughed along with my friends. Today, that night has special meaning to me, because tomorrow is Megan's sweet sixteen. (give a mischievous smirk).

Maria Howes

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