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Suzque's Homepage

Hello, my name is Susan and I really love the warm weather. You can go to my comments page to drop me a line or make suggestions....

Let me tell you a little about myself. First I am a Nurse and I live in Pittsburgh

My dream is to live somewhere that is warm all the time like a tropical island.

So, for now here I am at The Tropics!

I am 47!!! years old, work in the corrections field as a nursing supervisor and I really have a lot of different interests.

This is Bruno (1991-2001) He was a beautiful brindle Boxer and I loved him dearly.

This is my new dog Kelly. She is a Lab-Shepard mix

These are some of the best that I have met on the net

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Go here for my missing childrens page...PLEASE

My missing children page

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Email me!I love POSITIVE comments...please!

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