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that's french for wrestling girl

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that's french for wrestling girl

NO we were not contacted by WCW. Just for the record.

Welcome to WRESTLING FEMME. To the left you can see a large variety of pages/sites strickly for the wrestling fan. *that would be you*

Most of the material is suppose to be funny. So don't take it too hard. We like all of the wrestlers... except stonecold. we can't stand that gimmick and that guy- he's so fucking vulgar! Geez! Someone should wash is fucking dirty mouth out with soap! :-) (get it?) but seriously i do dislike steve austin.

A new section should be up and running. It's called LAME GAMEs- it's where you can take trivia, play interesting games. It's quite funny hard. It's unbelievable hard hard trivia...

A big shout out to our boys Bruce, Trevor, and Benjy. Thank you Bruce- your recent g-book was beautiful. It brought a tear to my eye. :-) the g-book

IMPORTANT: I would suggest NOT using the back buttons on the bottom of the page- chances are it won't work. it may be a dead link or it will take you somewhere else. So other than that have fun!!!

"a lot of people have been writing to us wanting to know what our parents' address was so they can write them thanking them for having us. I'm sorry we can't gove out the address- it's unlisted. Quite frankly out estate would be over run by termites... i'm sorry it's sad news."
-Scott Anthony aka RAVEN