My favourite comics are Calvin & Hobbs, Cerebus and Swamp.

I have most of the Calvin & Hobbs collections, but I can't enjoy it as much as I used to. My son is starting to act more and more like Calvin, it really got me worried!!!

Swamp is the lesser known one, I think it only appears in Australia and I couldn't find anything about it on the net. If any1 know where i can find a Swamp collectioin, PLEASE tell me!!!

I only have the 1st Cerebus book, and read up to Church and State, I think it has deteriorated as the story drag on. It seems most long running series can't avoid this, even the Simpsons. :-(

I'll pick some from these comics to show here, enjoy.

Exam & exam technics

Calvin & Hobbs:
trick1 trick2 trick3

Ding of Swamp:
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