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mavrickmp - 10/19/00 19:06:25
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ja ik geef u alle stuen die je kan hebben dus veel geluk en veel plezier met de cite dag

Je@n - 10/19/00 16:49:31
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Nice children! Nice site! <]:-) ==>

Shaxx - 11/23/99 08:34:25
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cynical...but I like it... when is it going to be updated?

nelson - 10/08/99 17:59:40

how boring can you get? watching pens go dry is more interting than your website. no offense- but dont quit your dayjob.

Fred - 05/04/99 08:54:27
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I like the page . It is nice that there are other lazy people out here who think that work sucks !! I am not ambitious in the least bit and I am proud of that fact too . I think that it is really a shame that after at least 8 hours of work and 8 hours of sleep and all the time that it takes to get ready for work and then get to work and then come home from work many people are lucky to jus thave 4 hours of waking time to their selves > SOmething is wrong with this picture !! If you are married and have ot ers in your life then what time you actually have for yourself is really pathetic !! Most jobs don't even pay enough to take so much of one's time now adays any how .

BILL Walther - 11/21/98 18:19:30

great page..LOVE THE MUSIC. Do you know RED (Ken) and Ruby Haddock? Tell them to get in touch with us.. if you would please. We are in Roseburg. Oregon... Thanks

Fred Bassett - 11/01/98 02:12:50

Nice page!

Dorothy - 09/28/98 03:32:04
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Qinni Hi! I have a new email address because we are now on cable. See you later Dorothy

Dorothy - 09/17/98 13:57:56
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Qinni enjoyed your page! see you tomorrow

Cindy - 09/10/98 10:26:02
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comment: Nice page.... please come visit my site :-) Thanks, Cindy

- 07/16/98 23:53:16

ok, now if u wants to leave obscene msgs,u can! :P

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