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After no objections and strong support in alt.config, was created on Monday 19th June 1995. (Soca, Calypso and Steel Pan)

Anyone who has ever been musically exposed to the sweet carnival rhythms from the Caribbean knows what this newsgroup is all about - We're talking hot beats, pulsating riddims and sweet melodies. We're also talking about traditions of making songs with witty and sometimes suggestive lyrics. Include in this the mastery of arranging & playing perhaps the worlds most innovative instrument, the Steelpan, and you've captured the essence of this group. is an open forum to all interested in discussing these musical artforms, their past, present and future; as well as all other 'carnival' musics from around the Caribbean.

I can't read it!

Some people may not have access to this newsgroup. This is due to your site manager, or service provider, not automatically added this new group to the list of newsgroup your site subscribes to. All you have to do is ask! As soon as your Usenet News manager knows that someone has a genuine interest in a group, it usually isn't a problem for them to add it straight away. Similiary, if your network provider doesn't have this group yet, then get them to add it. Hey, that's what you pay your money for!

These Pages...

These pages are a start and an intention of what I hope to do. There isn't all that much here, but I'll try and expand sections when I can. I would welcome anyone who would be interested in adding their bit to this site. In the meantime, hope you enjoy Pure Soca & Calypso.

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If anyone has any suggestions, or would like to help out adding
items to this page, then please contact me.

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