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Five days a week I inside work Sydney. I should be thinking of office, but sometimes I look out the window and see the harbour and just daydream for a while. I don't want go back Japan. This page shows me imagine cooling off at the end of a hot day. Who is that on the end of the wharf with camera? My friend say "pack of old bushwalkers" but I dream maybe .......

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See mountain canyon lilo travel.

See other people river lilo travel.

See other river camp.

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NEW ( sorry still making it ) Map page - list of things to see here

NEWER Renga - photo linking poem

OLYMPIC GAMES Tips for international visitors to Sydney from official government radio.

Thanks for being so waiting page image load
Also I like learn internet and engrish
More comfortable with netscape

I have a new URL to help find my page quickly! It is yumi.cjb.net

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* Some people ask about links to Sary in Japan and Caroline in Sydney. I like their pages but now gone, maybe new address, maybe closed :( If u know new address please write.

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