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Welcome to AviAsian Images, a site for all who enjoy aviation and aviation photography. Click on the thumbnail for the full picture and venture further into each section by clicking on the title of each section. More images await you!!.

AviAsian Images was launched on 1st January 1999. This update on 10 August 99 include images of the Boeing 747-312B of Trans International Express (minus titles & registration), a trio of Boeing 777s and a flight of freighters.

All images taken by Kok Chwee SIM


Seen in Singapore

Aviation spotting in Singapore got truly interesting with Trans International Express' new B747-312B, Thai B777-300, Cathay Pacific's B777-200 & B777-300 and Bangkok Airways ATR72.

Gone For Good

Gone For Good features airliners which are often rare (even when they were around) or others that weren't that rare during their existence, but are fondly remembered for their beauty of form or livery. A trio of Boeing 747SPs from China Airlines, Mandarin Airlines and Australia Asia accompany a Philippine Airlines B747 "Classic" and a Japan Airlines B747-346B in this update.

Myanmar Sightings

Myanmar is a superb location to photograph some interesting airliners and also to visit some truly interesting airports in a country that looks like nothing else in Asia. Although one is unlikely to log an appreciable number of international traffic, the "permanent resident" fleet which does not venture too far beyond Myanmar, proves equally colourful. Here, the domestic fleet comprising Myanma Airways' Fokker 28 and Fokker 27, Air Mandalay's ATR72-210QC and Yangon Airways' ATR72-210 are featured alongside the BAe146 of Royal Bhutan Airlines and Y8 of the Myanmar Air Force.

Homegrown Birds

This section showcases airliners operated by Singapore-based airlines, currently made up of Singapore Airlines (SQ/SIA) and her sister airline, SilkAir (MI/SLK). Hit by a bout of nostalgia, this update features a B747-212B and a B747-312 Combi in Singapore Airlines' former livery.

Freight Haulers

Freight Haulers spotlights the many dedicated freighters that often arrive and depart at unearthly hours, though some airlines have kindly obliged with daylight flights to the benefit of aviation photographers. Russian-made freighters in exotic colours and registrations made a beeline for Singapore.

Kai Tak Memories

All too soon, a year has gone by since the lights were dimmed at Kai Tak . . . Asia's undisputed mecca for aviation photography. No longer do Kowloon inhabitants have to endure thunderous RRs, GEs and P&Ws as giant airliners pirouetted on their starboard wingtips on the final turn on the IGS approach to runway 13. No longer are spotters and photographers able to enjoy the daily aerial ballet that is staged from dawn to midnight. Cheers to Kai Tak and her unblemished safety record, the people who worked there, the many who have made the pilgrimage to Kai Tak and the many others who wished they had.

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Thank you for visiting AviAsian Images and I hope that you've enjoy this compilation of aviation images from my little corner of the world. Your opinions and advice are greatly appreciated and indeed enthusiastically solicited.

K C Sim

Andrew Hunt's generosity of time and expertise has been instrumental in the birth of AviAsian Images on 1 January 1999. The many messages of encouragement and advice on improvements are individually noted and indeed appreciated. I would also like to thank many of you for the new friendships forged either through meetings in person or in cyberspace.

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