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On 7 Aug 99, a Boeing 747-312B earmarked for service with Trans International Express was rolled out minus titles and registration. Formerly 9V-SKH, it eventually received full titles, Singaporean registration (with masked American registration N355AS) before the lease was cancelled . . . a case of being all dressed up and nowhere to go.

Bangkok Airways holds the distinction of being the only passenger-carrying propeller-driven airline operating into Changi Airport. A daily sortie between the resort island of Koh Samui and Singapore is operated using the ATR72-202, and HS-PGA is seen floating gently towards the 4-km runway. An ATR-72-210QC (HS-PGH) acquired from Air Mandalay (F-OHLC) is sometimes operated as well.

Yet another Thai visitor to Changi Airport is the Boeing 777-3D7 of Thai Airways International. HS-TKB is photographed moments before touching down on runway 20L.

Cathay Pacific Airways operate just about every twin-engine airliner on the Hong Kong - Singapore route, and her Boeing 777-367 (B-HNE) is seen here on final approach into Changi Airport.

A Boeing 777-267 also from Cathay Pacific Airways (B-HNC) rotates steeply at the start of her early morning flight to Hong Kong.

During the month of June 1999, MIAT Mongolian Airlines operated chartered flights between Ulan Baatar and Singapore. The Airbus A310-300B F-OHPT was utilised on these charters, which was last undertaken with a Boeing 727 in 1994.

Following the return of another Boeing 757 leased from Transaero, Royal Nepal Airlines now operates a B757 in the livery of China Southwest Airlines. Photographed on final approach to runway 20R, B-2856 carries the titles of the airline in part Nepali and part English language.

Although rumours were abound about the impending closure of Myanmar Airways International, her Boeing 737-4H6 leased from Malaysia Airlines continue to operate the daily sortie from Yangon. 9M-MMH is photographed on a rare afternoon arrival (delayed) moments prior to landing at Changi Airport.

The first aircraft to wear the striking livery of African Star Airways is this ex-Singapore Airlines Boeing 747-312B bearing the registration ZS-OKK. It is photographed on 24 April 99 when making its first foray from the hangar (albeit without her nose cone). It will be deployed on flights linking Johannesbury and Munich / London-Stansted.

The Sultan of Brunei's Boeing 747-430 (V8-ALI) arrived in Singapore on the morning of 2 April 99, no doubt depositing or uplifting another entourage of royalties with their shopping.

Another member of the dwindling population of Boeing 747SPs in the world is Air China's B-2442, seen here landing on runway 20R after a little hop from Beijing.

An exotic visitor to Changi Airport in early 1999 was the Boeing 757-200 of Royal Nepal Airlines leased from Transaero Airlines. It takes on RNA's titles, both in English (port side) and Nepali (starboard) while maintaining Transaero's colours and aircraft name (in Russian).

The wet-lease of this Boeing 757-200 (B-2856) from China Southwest Airlines (SZ) sparked off a two-week pilot strike. This was finally resolved and it took up the void left by an earlier B757 leased from Transaero AL. Looking every bit a China Southwest AL plane, it carried the English titles of RNA alongside the Chinese titles of SZ.

Many airlines introduce temporary additions to their fleet to cope with the movement of Muslim pilgrims performing the Haj. Saudi Arabian Airlines operated a Boeing 747 "Classic" TF-ABY between Surabaya in Indonesia and Jeddah, transiting at Changi Airport. After a one-hour breather, it departed on a eardrum-splitting take-off. Funnily enough, it is wearing non-standard old colours of Saudia (a case of excess green paints in the workshop??).

The new regular colours of Saudi Arabian Airlines are a marked improvement over the former livery. Looking extremely smart in "new clothes" is Boeing 747-368B (HZ-AIO) on final approach to runway 02L at the end of a Jakarta - Singapore flight.

China Airlines fleet of B747SPs was repainted in the striking livery of Mandarin Airlines, her fully-owned subsidiary which operates to politically sensitive routes, though it could also be seen operating on behalf of the parent airline. B-1880 is seen here landing on runway 20L of Changi Airport.

Qantas Airways participated actively in the official opening of Osaka Kansai Airport in 1994, operating a Boeing 747-438 "Longreach" (VH-OJB) painted in a striking livery on opening day. Christened "Wunala Dreaming", this livery boasts a whole herd of kangaroos on a striking red fuselage and is carried onto the engine cowlings and wingtips.

The aboriginal art on "Wunala Dreaming" proved so popular that Qantas Airways draped a Boeing 747-338B in an equally striking aboriginal art canvas to commemorate the airline's 75th birthday in 1995. "Nalanji Dreaming" (VH-EBU) features fish and tortoises against a blue/green/purple background and is seen arriving at Changi Airport from Sydney and Jakarta.

A long-time visitor to Changi Airport, Lufthansa German Airlines operates both the Boeing 747-430 and Airbus A340 between Frankfurt and Singapore. Close and mutually-beneficial partnership with Singapore Airlines bodes well for the airline's expansion in Singapore. The Boeing 747-430 (D-ABTD) is seen on final approach to Changi Airport on a stormy afternoon.

Northwest Airlines fleet of DC-10s have been making a beeline for Singapore where it undergoes maintenance and repainting at SASCO, an engineering facility located adjacent to runway 02L. N238NW - a DC-10-30 is seen here undertaking a series of fullstop landings on 8 March 1999 prior to line service.

The Boeing 777 operates extensively in the Asia-Pacific region, and is especially attractive in the livery of Thai Airways International. HS-TJH lifts off on a morning flight to Bangkok.

Royal Air Cambodge (RAC/VJ) is the flag carrier of Cambodia (formerly known as Kampuchea) and operates a daily Boeing 737-400 linking Phnom Penh (PNH) and Singapore. 9M-MMC is seen here wearing the smart blue / gold livery of RAC.

EVA Air of Taiwan operates a hotch-potch of airliner types into Singapore, the smallest of which is the Boeing 767-25E. B-16621 arrives at Changi Airport at dusk from Penang, Malaysia before continuing to Taipeh.

Royal Brunei Airlines (RBA/BI) operates the Boeing 767-33AER on round-trips between Banda Seri Begawan (BWN) and Singapore, as well as on flights beyond to Dubai and London-Heathrow. V8-RBL glides into Changi Airport on a late morning arrival from the Bruneien capital.

Scandinavian Airline System's Boeing 767-383ER arrives each day from Copenhagen and Bangkok in time to catch the last rays of the tropical sun. LN-RCE shows off her smart livery, which will in time be replaced by the airline's new corporate identity.

Air Lanka's graceful L1011 TriStars are amongst the last of a dwindling population of first generation three-holer widebodied jets in Asia. 4R-ULE glides into Changi Airport at the end of a flight originating in Colombo.

Inspite of their ability to do long hops such as Dubai - Newark, Malaysia Airlines' B777-2H6ER are also placed on the 45-minute hop from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore. Seen lifting off from Changi Airport on the return to the Malaysian capital is 9M-MRB.

Turkish Delight - in the form of an Airbus A340-300 (TC-JDK) which operates regularly on the Istanbul - Bangkok - Singapore sectors.

Philippine Airlines' Airbus A340-300 (F-OHPK) arrives at Changi Airport, awashed in the final light of the day.

Dressed in a divine colour scheme, Thailand's Angel Airlines operates a Boeing 737-5H6 (9M-MFE) leased from Malaysia Airlines. Angel AL operates a total of 18 fligts weekly linking Singapore to Bangkok, Phuket and Chiang Mai.

Air Seychelles' Boeing 767-2Q8ER (S7-AAS) is a once-a-week visitor to Singapore.

Korean Air's Airbus A330-200 (HL7538) is frequently seen on the Seoul - Singapore route.

KLM's B747-406 (PH-BFL) flares beautifully for a photo opportunity at Changi Airport after the long hop from Amsterdam.

Qantas Airways is easily one of the largest foreign airline operating into Singapore. On any evening, one could count more than half a dozen red kangaroos on the ramp at one time. A Boeing 767-338ER (VH-OGT) is seen here taxiing out for departure to Hong Kong.

Another aircraft operating regularly on the Singapore - Hong Kong route is Garuda's Airbus A330-300. Garuda's first A330-300 (PK-GPA) is seen here on final approach to Changi Airport.

A regular visitor from the Sultan of Brunei's Royal Flight is this Airbus A310-304. V8-DPD is seen here landing at Changi Airport wearing its present green / black / grey livery. It sported a totally different livery when it was delivered 0n 12 June 1986 (see V8-HM1) in the "Gone For Good" section.

China Southwest Airlines beefed up her operations between Chengdu (CTU) and Singapore during the recent Lunar New Year on 16 Feb 99, sending in all she has got. Hogging the limelight must surely be this Airbus A340-300 (B-2388) which stood proudly alongside the airline's Boeing 757 and Boeing 737-300.

This is not an illusion. Dalavia - Far East Airways Khabarovsk operates an Ilyushin IL-62M on the Khabarovsk - Bangkok - Singapore route on behalf of Aeroflot. English-language titles are painted on the starboard side.

Egyptair's A340-300s are operated on the Cairo - Singapore - Sydney route twice a week, and this is replaced by the Boeing 777-200 during the northern summer. SU-GBO flaunts Egyptair's very attractive colour scheme to full effect as she lands at Changi Airport.


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