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This is the home of one of the only clean and sober, 
SCUBA-diving, molecular neurobiologist, 
Jesuit priests on the net, 
as far as I know...
As you might have suspected, I am grateful to be sober and clean today,  and could not survive without the help of so many
people in diverse 12-Step programs.  Thank God for the willingness to share the admission of  powerlessness in a spirit of

What a blast to be able to SCUBA dive sober!! 

Finished my doctorate in molecular neurobiology in June 1998.  
Moved to Cincinnati, OH in July 1999. 
Back to the West Coast in Fall, 2002. 
Sober more than half my life: 17 March 2003.

Haven't had to drink over any of that, thank God!  More later.....
This page is very obviously under construction...
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