Japan Links

  1. Mysteries of the Orient Revealed (General Info about Japan)
  2. Photos of Japan
  3. Living, Working, & Travel in Japan
  4. Japan National Tourist Organization
  5. JNTO's Travelling Companion (with "budget" tips)
  6. Sensitive Map of Japan
  7. Japan Center for Intercultural Communications
  8. List of "Reasonably-Priced" Lodging in Japan (less than 8,000 yen per night)
  9. Kansai-Net's List of Subscribers
  10. Kansai-Net's Electronic Fleamarket
  11. Various Jobs Listings in Japan
  12. Jobs Classifieds in Japan
  13. Hiroshima: A City for Peace
  14. Hiroshima Atomic Bomb Museum*
  15. Photographs of the destruction and carnage caused by one small atomic bomb
  16. Some thought-provoking comments about the Bomb and about war in general
  17. Kyoto
  18. Kobe*
  19. Photos of Damage & Reconstruction: The Great Hanshin Earthquake 1995
  20. More Photos of the Earthquake's Aftermath from Kyodo News Service
  21. Japan Information--(Nippon Telephone & Telegraph)*
  22. Living in Japan--(Nippon Telephone & Telegraph)
  23. Japan Constitution*
  24. JAIDAS Satellite Photos of Japan
  25. If you're not Japanese, I recommend you check out what they eat over there before boarding the plane!
  26. Interested in visiting a Buddhist CyberTemple?
  27. In Japan, even your signature is different!
  28. Nihongo Archives STILL NEEDS TO BE CHECKED!!
  29. Electronic Mailing Lists (Japanese only) NEEDS THE HYPERLINK!!
  30. Newsgroup: soc.culture.japan
  31. Calendar of Events in Japan
  32. News from Japan*
  33. Kyodo Visual News Photos
  34. You know you have been in Japan too long when...

    Osaka Weather Forecast

    *These links are bilingual.

    (If you want to be able to read Japanese web pages, here are some notes on Japanese codes. Or you can let the Shodouka Mediator render the kanji for you.)

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