Favourite Islands


As the Christmas season has now arrived, I've put up the Christmas lights and uploaded a revised version of my 2007 page about Christmas trees and customs which I hope you will have time to visit.

Planning your holiday? Do you like islands? You may like to check out these pages about islands that I have enjoyed visiting. I hope that you find something of interest. You may like to come back from time to time to see if I have added places you remember or might like to visit.

If you recognise the flags you will know where the links will take you:

North Atlantic land of wondrous scenery (23 January 1996)

Maritime Canada pastoral escape (15 February 1996)

Pacific islands for everyone (19 May 1996)

Western Canada seascapes and totem poles (9 November 1996)

If you want holiday information about other islands, the Virtual Tourist II site is possibly a good place to start or you may like to try some of the Web searchers such as Google or Yahoo

If by any chance you want to know about me, I have now added a short page which includes a few links to some of my favourite web sites.

Seasons Greetings Best wishes to all the people who have visited this page since 1 December 1995. I would welcome any comments you may have. Please send them to me at: keg@greenhse.netkonect.co.uk

Kris Green

This page was last modified on 14 December 2008 when I put up the Christmas decorations.