Welcome to The Lord Of The Pit's Abyss
But you may refer to me as LOTP for short. It is the name I use on the chats.


Well as is standard in these kind of pages, I will start out with a little description of myself.

My name is David Smith (yes I know it sounds like an alias!), and am 34 (shiver)

I have very dark brown hair, almost black, Hazel green eyes. I'm 6' tall and have a large build.

I was born and raised in Michigan, and have hobbies of Golf, Fishing, Shooting Pool, Volleyball, Role Playing Games and Net surfing.

I enjoy many types of music, including: Heavy Metal, Hard and Soft Rock, Classical, Country, Big Band and Industrial.

Some of my favorite individual bands/Composers are: Metallica!, Anthrax, Bob Seager, Beethoven, ZZ Top and Glen Miller.

I also enjoy reading, and tend towards Fantasy. At the moment I am reading The Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan.

Music, The Nectar of the Gods.

My Life suffocates
Planting seeds of hate
I've Loved, Turned to Hate
Trapped far beyond my Fate

I give
you take
this life I forsake
been cheated of my youth
you turned this lie to truth

You'll suffer unto me

Harvester of sorrow
Language of the mad
Harvester of sorrow

Pure Black looking clear
My work is done soon here
Get back what used to be

Drink up
Shoot in
Let the beatings begin
Distributor of pain
Your loss becomes my gain

You'll suffer unto me

Harvester of sorrow
Language of the mad
Harvester of sorrow

All have said their prayers
Invade their nightmares
To see into my eyes
You'll find where Murder lies


Harvester of sorrow
Language of the mad
Harvester of sorry
Language of the mad
Harvester of sorrow

Poetry: The Sustenance of the Gods

Tears filled with Pain, created out of sadness fall like rain, down my cheeks to fall away to an uncaring world. My heart wanting to burst, but hollow and empty and ready to die. not wanting to feel this anymore. In this world where true Love is so cherished but seldom ever found. and then only found once in a lifetime so sweet to taste and savor, turned to ashes in my mouth. breaking my mind into a thousand thousand jagged shards...

Giving Love, Love is taken, but little returned. ~ give understanding, but not understood. ~ Giving comfort, and not comforted. ~ giving happiness, but never happy. ~ giving joy, receiving pain. ~ Mending hearts yet brokenhearted. ~ fills others, but is empty. ~ Loves Life, but desires Death

I'll be there for you.
when you have tears to be shed.
when you tell me how much you love him.
when you miss him.
when you feel lonely and empty.
when you tell me how much you want to be held by him, to kiss him.
when you tell me how much you want to wake up in his arms.
when through tears of pain you say he is hurting you.
when you tell me you can't live without him.
when you say to me how complete you feel with him.
when you me how happy he makes you.
when you tell me the shame you felt when you loved me.
when you  call out for someone to talk to about him.
when your words cut through me like a knife.
when the thoughts of him touching you burns my soul.
I'll be here for you.

I'll be here © 1-26-99 LOTP

A hart lost in a cold dark world
Searching for Home, afraid to be found
A soul innocent and young
Tainted and Jaded by life's lessons
A mind deep and black
Reaching for light, not wanting to be seen
A life lucky to have seen this world
wishes it never had.
A Love strong and deep
Made to be but a joke, a play thing
A passion strong and hot
Left cold and weak from hartbreak.

Is it worth it? © 1-15-99 LOTP

Black is the life in which I live
Young child, small and innocent.
Death takes that which bore him
Half his life ripped from him
Abandoned by his mother's mother,
Never knowing why.
His family now half gone he
Withdraws from life, his hart
Shunning love, his life hard, cold
and empty.
He lets love touch his hart for
The first time, his hart shredded
When hers finds another.
He wishes to die but lives on
Over time a small innocent hart
Reaches out to his, he pushes
It away over and over till he can
No longer deny his feelings and
Gives in to that innocent hart.
He feels a joy he thought he would
Never know.
Time passes and once again her
Hart finds anothers and leaves his behind
His hart now fearing any touch

A life not worth living ©1-12-99 LOTP

In your arms I am whole
In your hart I am complete
In your eyes I see shame
In your eyes I see a dying love
In your voice I hear sadness
In your tears I see pain
In your touch I feel confusion
In your soul I see beauty
In your life I have no place
In your bed I see another
In your wedding I see relief
In your marriage I see not me
In your happiness I am not existent

In Your ©1-12-99 LOTP

Heart blackened
Soul charred
Emptiness abounds
Loneliness prevails
Love, lives goal
Love, souls need
Love, Harts enemy.. harts destroyer
Love, minds slayer, minds greatest beauty
Love, mans greatest desire and fear
Death, the final end
Death, the greatest release
Death, life's greatest gift
Death, truer than any love
Loneliness prevails
Emptiness abounds
Soul chard
Heart Blackened

Shredded Soul © 1-12-99 LOTP

Hair of fire
Eyes of desire
Hart of gold
Soul of old
Smile of light
Skin of ivory
Life of promise
Touch of tenderness
Voice of song
Body of passion
Mind of intellect
Once my greatest joy
Now my greatest sorrow

Vampire ©1-12-99 LOTP

One of my many forms and guises.


I had to have a Vampire or two here!!!

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