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Welcome to my corner in the tropics!
Leave the heat for a while and surf to the cool and beautiful country of Sweden.
Or read about Swedish emigrations to America

I´m Roger, living in Uppsala a town north of Stockholm.
I grew up in a nice small town called Falun. This is a picture of me.

Stay on this page and surf around in Sweden.
And please, sign my guestbook. That would make me so happy.

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Listen to the Swedish national anthem. This midi file was created on the 10th of September 1996 by me.

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Some very interesting stuff about emigration

Links to Swedish stuff on the Web:

Sweden FAQ from Usenet newsgroup soc.culture.nordic
Skolverket's Swedish - English dictionary (also English - Swedish)
Swedish for travellers
The weather in Stockholm (with animated pics!)
Leksand Stars - My favourite hockey team in Sweden
Falu BS - My favourite bandy team in Sweden
Hockey Camp Sweden Home Page
SWESPORT - Swedish sports - Outdoors in Sweden
Swedish Drag Racing
The homepage of Santesson (Swedish cursing, cooking...) Europe mirror site
elas Ultimate Sweden Page - checkout the Swedish recipes
Sabine's Swedish Expatriate's Page
Ann-Louise's Sweden Page
Swedish Digest - News for Swedes living abroad
Smorgastarta - Yum yum! (not to be mixed up with smorgasbord)
Swedish Pancakes
Live from inside a Swedish fridge
Johanna Jeppsson's Spitcake Bakery
Beer brewing in Sweden - Krönleins Brewery
Pripps Ringnes - Pripps is a Swedish beer
The Swedish Beer Consumers Association
LKAB - Europe's leading producer and refiner of iron ore
Welcome to Housenet - Want to buy a house in Sweden?
Naturväv - Crafts from Sweden
Kero - Reindeer leather handicraft
Orrefors - Famous Swedish glassworks
Kosta Boda - Famouse Swedish glassworks
Vincent Nilsson - a ceramist in Höganäs
Swedish crafts
Volvo - One of the two Swedish cars
The Volvo 140 series
SAAB - aircraft, tankradar and cars
Electrolux Corporate - The global appliance company
The Swedish Trade Council
The Swedish American Chamber of Commerce
Invest in Sweden Agency
The Marcus Wallenberg Prize
Riksskatteverket (RSV) - The Swedish tax authority
Medical Products Agency
Nationalmuseum in Sweden
The Vasa Museum - The Vasa Museum
The Museum of Natural History
The Röhss Museum
The Butterfly House - at Haga in Stockholm
Lindsborg - a community in Kansas with rich Swedish heritage
The Swedish Culture Site at the Mining Company
Swedish Genealogy Page
Genealogy in Sweden
Swedish Church Records Online
The Swedish Federation of Amateur Geologists
Swedish Armed Forces
Swedish Music Info Center - Swedish Music Information Center
Robyn - Espen Grimsgaard's unofficial Robin Carlsson homepage
CC46 - Modern Swedish dance music
Swedish Jazz Web
Viktoria Tolstoy - Swedish jazz singer from Uppsala
Rebecka Törnqvist - This jazz singer is from Uppsala too!
Stina Nordenstam - Another terrific Swedish female singer
The Cable Cabal - The best new bands to come out of Sweden since ABBA
Louise Hoffsten - The official homepage of Lousie Hoffsten
Click here to go to the official ABBA homepage - The official ABBA homepage
Ace of Base
The Official Twin Age Home Page - A good Swedish "symphonic rock" group
Swedish folk music on MIDI
The American Nyckelharpa Association
Ralph Lundsten - Swedish composer of electronic music
Erik Nilsson - Swedish composer of lyric-romantic piano music
Orphei Drängar - A famous males choir in Uppsala
Gothenburg Cathedral Boys' Choir - and links to many other boys' choirs
Allmäna Sången - The Uppsala University Choir
The Swedish Smörgåsbord - The Swedish Smörgåsbord Sweden - - Sweden
Swedish Information Service
Swedish Institute
Sweden on the Net
Euronet Tourism Online - Sweden
The Kingdom of Sweden
Sweden CityGuide
Stockholm Information Service
Stockholm Water Festival
Brits abroad Stockholm - Stockholm in the eyes of a Brit
Falun Folkmusic Festival
Gothenburg Culture - Gothenburg Culture
Skokloster - a place outside Uppsala
Norrköping - a Swedish town
Trelleborg - a town in the south
Huså-Kallbygden - a village in the province of Jämtland
Kullaberg - a nature reserve
Lapland - the most northern region of Sweden
Årefjällen - for happy skiing
Österlen - the front of Sweden
Halland - a province
Lidingö - a sort of township in Stockholm
Photos of the archipelago off Stockholm - by Mats Lindfors (Swedish text)
Värnamo - a town
Santaworld - Santa lives really in Mora
Gotland - a beautiful Swedish island
Pajala - a place in the midnight sun
August Strindberg - the home page of the Strindberg Museum
Strindberg goes cyberspace
The world of Astrid Lindgren
ArtNet Scandinavia, Sweden - Artists
ArtNet Scandinavia, Sweden - Galleries
The Gothenburg Museum of Art
The Swedish Tramway Association
SJ Anti Fanclub - Swedish railroad (we hate it with love)
Bromma Airport
The Port of Gothenburg
Swedish Royal Court - The Swedish Royal Court
Cosmonova - Swedish omnimax film theatre and planetarium
Film in Sweden
Sweden Chat - a chat line for people from or interested in Sweden
Kajplats 305 WebCHAT - another Swedish chat line
Sveriges Television - Swedish television SVT 1 and SVT 2 (mostly in Swedish)
- Latest news from Sweden P3 in Real Audio format
Latest news from Radio Rix (Choose between RA and AU)
Bandit 105.5 - Rock Live! - A music radio station (Real Audio)
Radio HitFM - Live music in stereo from Blekinge - Kalmar - Växjö
Download Real Audio - The latest Real Audio plug in! (for stereo listening)
Some Swedish live internet cameras

Swedish emigrations to America:

American West-European Emigration - General info
A Swedish emigrant 100 years later
Glenn R Wichman's Great Grandmother's story
A True Story of a Pioneer Mother
Some very interesting stuff about emigration

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