Hi, I'm Jerry.

I'm a professor of computing at Foothill College in Silicon Valley, California, U.S. I teach computer applications and application programming. When I get a break from work, I spend any free time I can at my mom's place in the South Florida Keys SCUBA diving and doing UW photography.

When I'm "stuck" here in California I try to take advantage of the ocean and mountains.
I have a little motorcycle which helps for fast getaways up Highway 1 along the coast (or Highway 4 through the Delta and up to Lake Alpine in the Sierras where a buddy and I share a cabin). 


I'm happily married and my wife Judy and I have a daughter, who I use as an excuse (sleep deprivation) for not being totally "with it" at times.

Her name is Sandy and she helps me by doing software testing 

And occasionally, hardware testing 

We just got a dog - Jenna from greyhound rescue. We let her off leash so she can run. And she does run (35-40 mph) She started chasing cars but they are generally too slow for her so we take her to the airport runways and she gets exercise chasing Lear jets.

Before I discovered digital photography I used to enjoy photographing historic sport car races in places like Trois Riviers in Quebec, Brainerd, Wisconsin as well as the local Sears Point and Laguna Seca, CA. I then shot and developed prints of exotic sportscars wherever I could find them and California is a great place to find them.

I purchased a Lotus Esprit ES and like the car. It actually runs, unlike previous cars I've owned but I would trade it in a minute for an old Lamborghini Miura if someone can loan me about 100,000 dollars.

I have a slideshow of the Concorso Italiano 2000 which shows about 50 images. (Maserati was the featured marquee). Plus I added a few from my own collection (of pictures not cars!)

I just added a
slideshow of the Concorso Italiano 2001. Pininfarina was featured.

A softball game.

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