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Hi! My name is Pat Cassell and I live in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. In the winter it is a bit too cold and rainy here, so I travel to sunny Arizona. I am what you call a "SNOWBIRD" and every October I migrate to Yuma AZ and return around the middle of March. If you would like to know more about my winter home, check out the Yuma City Home Page

I also spend a good deal of time chatting with friends on the Starlink-IRC Chat Network - I have opened my own channel which is called "#Scorp's-Place" Home of the Mad Chatter. Stop in any time and we can chat awhile. Another channel that I frequent on a regular basis, is "#Itsy", so come join us, Itsy, Amazing and all the gang.

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Chat Network
Yuma AZ, my winter home
Beautiful British Columbia
Langley BC Canada, my summer home
Vancouver Province, Local Newspaper

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