I'm a database administrator working with DB2 on the mainframe and recently started working with MQ Series on mainframes and Unix machines. I started this site years ago to learn HTML. Right now it mostly serves as a place to document work on our house and trips. We bought our first single family house in 1997. The house is 30+ years old and had not been updated much in all that time. So that meant several years worth of fix-up projects ranging from all new carpeting (done the weekend we moved in!) & tile to new fixtures in the bathrooms (all bathrooms completed now).. cabinets.. etc.

But... the location in Jarrettsville, MD is terrific. Where we used to live had turned into a minor city and it is only going to get worse. Where we are now is largly rural with lots of cornfields, horses and trees. And since there are no plans to extend water and sewer services to the area (at least in my lifetime) it should remain pretty much the same way for a long time.

Ok, since you made it this far, here's the obligatory picture. Yeah, it's several years old, but I still look pretty much the same. Still have my hair and it isn't all gray either!