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Jim’s Web Developer Links

In no particular order, these are links I have collected over the years that may be of interest to someone learning HTML and web site design. I have tried to organize them into general categories, but if I have misplaced a few, please, no flames!

HTML & Web Design

Creating Killer Websites Online (*****)
A Compendium of HTML Elements
HTML Guides and Tutorials
HTML Help by The Web Design Group
HTML Writers Guild: List of HTML Resources
META Tag Builder
Netscape Developer's Edge
Overview of all HTML elements
THE OAKNET NEWS - A Resource for Web Site Owners - Home Page
The XML Cover Pages
The WDVL: The Web Developer's Virtual Library
Thomas Boutell's Home Page - A little bit of everything
Doctor Bob's Home Page (*****)
Webreference.com - The webmaster's reference library
WebTechs Validation Service
Welcome to the HTML Goodies Domain Home Page
Wilbur - HTML 3.2
WWW & Internet manuals, WWW Demos (16-Jun-1997)
Project Cool - Cool Sites & HTML help
Interactivetool's Links Page

WWW/Graphics Top

Free Art for HTML
GIF Animation on the WWW
BeSeen's Free Graphics
Web Nation
Free Web Graphics by Pam Bytes (*****)
GIF Wizard from Raspberry Hill Publishing
JPEG image compression: Frequently Asked Questions
The Web Design Group
Tripod: Tools for Life
Web-Counter Home Page
Welcome to the InterNIC
Welcome to Web Tech
LView Pro Web Page
the 1st Internet Gallery of GIF Animation

Scripts Top

Selena Sol's Public Domain CGI Script Archive and Resource Library
The JavaScript Source
Geek: Game of Champions - A java game
JavaScript Authoring Guide
Netscape DevEdge Online
NetObjective Java page
Java and NCA
Matt's Script Archive

Developer Support/VB Stuff Top

ASP Developers Network
IBM VisualAge for Java
Microsoft Visual InterDev Home Page
Microsoft Support Home Page
Q&D Software Development Home Page
Center for Innovative Computer Applications at Indiana University (CICA)
Visual Basic Online
Component One (formerly Apex) VB components and add-ons

Download Sites Top

CNET's Download.com
CNET's Shareware.com
Tucows - lots of Internet goodies!
Microsoft Download Center
Winmag Free Windows 95 Software
IBM Download Library (Big Blue makes some good stuff!)
ZDNet Downloads
Laurie McCanna's Links to Free and Shareware Resources on the Web

Education Top

Training, training, training - The Training Registry - training, training, training
ProTech: Information Technology Education & Consulting

Magazines/Newspapers Top

Baltimore Sun - Online
FedNews Online
Database Programming & Design Magazine Homepage
PC Today
The Smokies Magazine
ZD Windows Sources
ZD Internet Magazine
ZD Internet Megasite

Book and Online Publications Top

Amazon.com Books
Simon & Schuster
NY Times: Today's Front Page Articles
Xephon home page

PCs/Networking/Architecture Top

PC Lube & Tune - Misc Computer Links
Welcome to Olicom - The Networking Company

News/Usenet/Listserv Top

Google - By far the best search engine for newgroups! (*****)
CataList, the official catalog of LISTSERV lists http://www.faqs.org/
Listserv lists for vm.marist.edu
Liszt: Searchable Directory of e-Mail Discussion Groups
Tile.Net - Listservers, NewsGroups, FTP, Vendors, Internet Design

Research Top

LEXIS-NEXIS Communication Center
Gartner Group, Inc.

Searchs Top

Google - Absolutely the best search engine on the Internet (*****)
Sam Spade - Lots of cool TCP/IP search tools (*****)
Dogpile - Good meta search. Covers all the major search engines in one fell swoop
AltaVista Technology, Inc.
MetaCrawler Search
CitySearch: U.S. Map
FAQ: How to find people's E-mail addresses
HotBot WWW Search
Internet Address Finder
Netscape Search
C-Net Search.com
TravelWeb: On-Line Reservations for Hotel and Airline Travel (*****) I use this all the time!
InterNIC domain searches
WhoWhere? E-mail Addresses
Yahoo! People Search
@vantage - Real Estate search

Software Top

Stroud's Consummate Internet Apps List
Catalog of Free Compilers and Interpreters: introduction
Citrix Systems Remote Access
O'Reilly Software Online

Tutorials/Lessons Top
Marcopia Center for Learning & Instructions - HTML Tutorials
Taming the Beast - Links to free tutorials and other goodies
Good, cheap graphics program and tutorials on graphics
desktopPublishing.com: The ULTIMATE Desktop Publishing Resource

Universities Top

Northern Arizona University
SunSITE - UNC & Sun

Windows Top

Sysinternals - Great Windows resources (*****)
Microsoft's Windows 98 page

Email/Fax/Phone/Connections Top

GMX.NET - Free POP and web email. Website is available only in German now.
U S A . N E T Free Email
NetForward - email forwarding service
Free Email
Spam Hater Software
Tracing Emails
The Phone Company (TPC.INT) Fax
Hotmail - Free Email - Once independant, now owned by MS.

Miscellaneous Top

CIAC Internet Hoaxes (***** Required for all Newbies!)
 ICQ - I Seek You. Great online chat program (*****)
GeoCities - Free Home Pages (11 meg) *****
Fortune City - Free Home pages (Up to 6 meg!)
Private Idaho Online Help
Top Ten Mistakes of Web Management (Alertbox June 1997)
Seattle FilmWorks
Pennsylvania Online Internet
Mirabilis ICQ White Pages
SoftSEA Programs Center - Distribution Web Site for Windows Shareware & Freeware Software Programs
Netscape Navigator - Frequently Asked Questions
Ultra Edit - Text Editor (*****)
Super NoteTab - Text Editor
Welcome to O'Reilly Software
Fight Spam on the Internet!
U.S. Atomic Clock & World Map Coordinates
AJR/NewsLink - Find media outlets by country & state
Mainframe Top

Yes, Mainframe, because they're back, and they're pi**ed!

Cheryl Watson Watson & Walker home page
The 1995 SQL Reunion: People, Projects, and Politics - Contents
The OS/390-MVS Cyber Mall
Change Mgt at Indiana Univ
Nascom -Software Solutions
"DB2 for MVS/ESA V4 Bookshelf" via IBM BookManager BookServer
Charlie Arehart's Ultimate Model 204 Site
CMG (Computer Measurement Group)
DB2 WWW Application Developer's Guide
DFSORT/MVS home page
Eric Loriaux's MVS/ESA page - IBM's sites.
IBM and Lotus software download library
IBM BookManager BookServer Library
IBM System/390 Site
IDEAS International Competitive Profiles Benchmarks AIM BAPCo GPC Intel SPEC TPC
ISPF Project Home Page
Macro 4 - Software Excellence
Manager Software Products, INC
Mark's MVS Utilities
NaSPA Network and Systems Professionals Association
OS/390 Internet Library
Tachyon Software's Home Page
TASID Download
Telvox Software Shop - English Version
The Computer Operations Group (Index Page)
The IBM world wide web home page
Transaction Processing Performance Council (TPC) Home Page
Welcome to Applied Software's home page !!
Welcome to Sirius Software
Wolfgang's REXX Corner
Year 2000
IBM: TASID DownloadIBM: ISPF for OS/390 technical information


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