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Good luck ..haha

Welcome to my web page ...thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoy your stay. :- hehe Thanks, mode

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FINALLY! A New pic of myself! :-P (taken erm.....*thinking*...sometime in late July or early August.)
Two OLD pictures of me (taken 6/97)
A picture, that's even OLDER! of me in April '96
A picture of me (on left) and my friend from Mass (on right) taken 12/96.
Some of the coolest people on the web
My special group of friends (my "ho's" ..hehe)
My radio station in Boston
Email the Van Helsing Society
A fellow Utahan's home-page (PHISH's)
Some pictures of my family
Mode's Home page Part II
Mode's Home page Part III
TheQuake's Home page :-)
Ely's page's. Go there ...you'll be mesmerized.
Nerd's home page! go there and see some kool pic's

Thanks for sticking through my page ..hehe I Hope that it wont give you any nightmares ....*smile* jk hehe :-ޠ

1996 mode@tough.com

Mode's Many Messages? hmm ..that's corny ..oh well.

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