Treasure Hunting and
Metal Detecting


It has been estimated that 2 % of all the coins ever minted are either lost or buried beneath us!

words we live by:

Treasure Hunting and
Metal Detecting Code
of Ethics

Here are some of my favorite links to some great sites for those interested in Treasure Hunting and Metal Detecting.

Treasure Net
Treasure Net - Todays Finds
Treasure Net Metal Detecting Forum
The Online Treasure Hunter
The U.K. Detector Net

The Golden Olde
Donna Trefrey Detects England
Western and Eastern Treasure Magazine
Lost Treasure Online

Whites Electronics Forum ( For Owners of the Whites Spectrum XLT and other Whites products ) Click HERE for Whites full product index

My main detector is theWhites Spectrum XLT which I purchased from Kellyco in Florida
Check out the Whites Home Page

Click HERE to see a Pic of The Spectrum XLT

Curious about VDI NUMBERS, ICONS
and SPECTROGRAPH Readings on the
White's Spectrum XLT (v1.1) for Obsolete
United States Coins, from Half Cents to$20.00 Gold Coins?
(I thought so!)
*****Click HERE*****

The New England Treasure Hunter

Here is a great site maintained by a
couple of Treasure Hunting veterans
from New England, Will Rohane & Bob
Aufiero.Lots of info here!

Here are some other Home pages
from other brands of detectors....

Fisher Research
Garrett Electronics
Discovery Electronics
J. W. Fishers
Bounty Hunter

Here's a NEAT IDEA......
The Treasurenet Photo Forum
where detectorist post photos
of their finds.
*****Cklick HERE*****

Need a historic map of
your area? K B Slocum
has an awsome selection
of historic books and Maps

Ever heard of Mel Fisher? He's
Treasure Hunting site!

Click the wheelto go to his site

Interested in some Treasure
Hunting Television? Check out
this guide to TV broadcasts on the
subject of Treasure Hunting
Courtesy of the A&S Company

Click HERE

Great personal site:
North Carolina's Treasure
Hunting Pirates - Go HERE


Go here to check out some of my finds

FLASH! Don't Let this Happen to You!!!


Here are some other local links from Nederland and Southeast Texas...

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