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You have found my little home on the web! If you like Hawaii, Hockey, Humor, Investing, News, Robots or Space exploration you will enjoy this page.

The background is a photograph of Mars taken by the Mars Global Surveyor spacecraft. The strange dark lines are caused by martian "dust devils".

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I last updated this page on 6-20-06!

I am an electronics engineer at KLA-Tencor Corporation. (current stock quote)
I really enjoy visiting Maui, Hawaii whenever I can afford it. The weather is normally very nice! If you want, you can see Maui Today!

CONGRATULATIONS to the Carolina Hurricanes... Stanley cup winners 2006!

Don't miss my San Jose Sharks Page!

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Cassini night time liftoff -- destination Saturn!

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Take a look at this far out picture of the seven pools near Hana on the island of Maui.

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