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physically living in Frankfurt / Germany it seems that I'm about to take a second residence in CyberWorld soon ... :-)

b-online Branchenkompass Frankfurt I was running my own business as a graphics designer for about 10 years, when in 1995 I happened to discover the Net. My first commercial internet project (the Branchenkompass Frankfurt) started in April 1996.

WebHits Uh oh, btw ... here's the main project of mine. Want to have a cool configurable counter on your homepage? Want to help me increase traffic on my website? Want to spread these news around? OK, you won: WebHits is the place to go then!

PowerCat My recent work is about to be finished soon: In cooperation with one of the finest girls around (she definitely does the harder part of the job) the first (and probably largest) German search engine for women will be re-launched on January 1st, 2000. Assuming that you're female, you might be interested in its address: PowerCat ... :o)

If I'm not hanging out in real life, for example with my son Nicholas or my good friend Ralf, you'll probably find me chatting in WebHits Chat. Come and meet me and all the other fine people hanging out there.

Peter Yes, that's me. How did you know?

Hope to see you soon :)

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