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I first started these pages as a way of keeping my friends up to date while I was in China studying at Hangzhou University.That was four years ago - now I am back in China again and hope to continue the tradition.
I spent most of 1998 studying and living in Hangzhou, China. During that time I went travelling and made many wonderful friends, as well as having a great time. My major is Chinese and Tourism, so living in China proved beneficial for my language skills. I went to China on the Murdoch-Zhejiang University Exchange program with 8 other Australian; students. For those of you who don't know Perth and Hangzhou are sister cities.I lived in a dormitory style building on the second floor ( and forth floor at the beginning of the year.) Every weekday I had classes from 8am - 12noon, the rest was free time. During the summer vacation, (July - September), I went travelling with my mum for 4 weeks to GUILIN, XIAN, DATONG and BEIJING, as well as some independant travel too. I also did some market research for a West Australian company!
I worked at the Chongqing Marriott Hotel for two years. In the planning stages are some updated photos for my website. During the past few years or so that I have been in China I have visited many places Shanghai and Hangzhou twice, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Simian Mountain, Wansheng Stone Forest and have also been white water rafting on a brown water river! Now I work and live in Beijing with my husband Larry, who is Beijingnese. I work as an Assistant HR Manager for a 5-star International Hotel.
1998 -Pictures of my room
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I am now on a business trip in Hefei but will be back soon. In the meantime have a look around.
Hope you enjoy.
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