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Philippine Multicultural Society of Canada (PMSC) is formerly known as Ottawa Multicultural Homemakers Association (OMHA)

What's in a Name?

"A name is the identification, the profile, the image and the collective characteristic of a group or organization. The name of an organization projects the personality of that organization.

The Philippine Multicultural Society of Canada prepares for the year 2000. The society’s membership is not only changing but is also expanding and becoming more diverse. Members are going back to school and upgrading themselves.

Members are changing occupations-some members are becoming computer experts; some are turning professionals in different care aides etc. The newcomers start as "nannies" (although they come with high educational credentials); some remain to be part time homemakers; some joiners are the youths and the seniors; and believe it or not, more men are joining. Membership is open for all people with various ethno cultural background. This is why we remain to be a multicultural society".

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