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Speaking of "home", Here's a picture of mine (From a few thousand feet up that is.) [Satellite photo of the state of Florida]


Hello, and welcome to my home page. I haven't had time to update this page verfy often so I'm sorry if some of the links don't work. As you can see, I'm from Florida, Miami to be exact. I am currently employed by Carnival Cruise Lines in the Information Systems department. I've been in the computer industry since 1983, specializing in PC hardware/software support.  For the last few years my work has been more focused on email.  I am currently the senior email administrator.

I'm married with one child, Robert, Jr.

I've been active on the Internet since 1994, so I consider myself somewhat experienced, although I haven't had much time to learn HTML. I have been involved with modems and dial-up bulletin boards since 1985. If you were in the Orlando, Florida area between 1983 and 1986, you might remember "The North Lake Lair" BBS (then again, maybe not )

Well, enough about me, let's move along...


I'm a big fan of PC Sound files, and PC gaming. I'm currently playing the following games, so if you have any good sites or information related to any of these, please pass them along.

Age of Empires II Yes, I'm still playing it, but looking forward to version III this year
Battlefield 1942 Still getting the hang of this one
Diablo II Yes, I know, another old one, but another one that supposedly has a sequel coming
Dungeon Siege - Legends of Aranna Finished the main game, currently playing mods
Empires-Dawn of the Modern World
MechWarrior Vengeance Not really into this game much, but I got it for free so I thought I would try it
Rise of Nations
Sacred Little known game that is very good
SpellForce Another little known game that is very good

I want to express a special thanks to my friend, Steve Summerlin, for helping me get started with the Internet, and to GeoCities, for supplying their resources.

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