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Do not confuse the title of this home page with that of any other. This one is the original! My first name is Manfred, as was that of Baron Manfred von Richthofen. Von Richthofen was a German ace aviator who shot down 80 enemy aircraft during WW ONE. I was born during WW2.

I am fiercely patriotic, both on behalf of the United States and the country of my origin - Germany. With regard to Germany's past, I firmly believe that "Moral Correctness" triumphs over "Political Correctness".

In a less serious vein, one of my favorite pastimes is traveling to tropical destinations such as Brazil or Costa Rica. I love Latin rhythms and cultures. Being of German stock, my favorite drink is Pilsener. My personal phantasm of choice: being marooned on a tropical isle with Claudia Schiffer and a year's supply of beer and ice.

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