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Who I Am

I'm Tracy, but I also go by Trouble.
It seems to follow me around. I always like to see what's just around the corner or what happens if I do this instead of what most people would do. I enjoy fixing things,(VCRs, Radios, Cars, etc.) which is good as I am mostly broke because I have 7 kids. ( That's not a typo, it's really se7en! ) I also have 3 ex-husbands that are all bums (no child support) I didn't pick real well. I do much better at fixing things. At least if it doesn't work, it's not any worse off than before and it hasn't multiplied! :)

My Motto:

Be Careful What You Wish For, You Just Might Get It!


Hobbies & Interests

What do I like to do?

Raise kids and marry bums, I guess!

What do I really like?

I like:

My Family
Mel Gibson
Michael Biehn
Dragons & Fantasy
Computers & CyberSpace

Some of my favorite links are:

Looking for your next ex? Or maybe just a e-mail pal. Try Match.Com
Do you like
Redneck Jokes? Here's a Whole Heap of 'Em!
A great 'zine
UnderWired Lots of fun!
Having a Rough Day today? Maybe this will help!
The (Un)Official Guide to Surviving PMS
A friend of mine is looking for a lady to
Sail Off To The Caribbean with him.
Bored? Go bug my boyfriend, heart
Val! heart
Roadkills 'R Us Great Fun - Toys R Us is trying to sue him!
BINGO! For real money even. Not a lot, but, uh, like it's free.
Wheel Of Fortune No money, just points. But it's still fun. Bankrupt Bites!
My boyfriend's business
Schuler Packaging & Design
My business
Tropical Shade Services

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