MABUHAY (mah-boo-high)!!!

A Filipino word for "Welcome".Welcome to my page.

If your itinerary has the word "Philippines"on it then it is advisable that you browse on. If not, then I hope youwill enjoy seeing the sights Philippines has to offer.

I am a member of the U.P. Mountaineers (mountaineeringclub of the University of the Philippines) and this has opened new doorsfor me. From mountaineering to triathlons and other multi-sport eventsto rock climbing.This gave me an opportunity to explore the country ina different way. Different in the sense that you get the local ambianceof things and not just the touristy side and also you get some rare encounterswith ethnic tribes.

The background photo was taken from the peak ofMt. Talamitam. It shows Mts. Cristobal and Banahaw.

Here are some samples:

If you are really interested, you can drop bythe U.P. Mountaineers at the North Wing of the U.P. Main Library, UP Diliman.If you are also interested in training for a thriathlon, then you can dropby the U.P. Triathlon Club at the Swimming Pool area of UP Diliman or atthe UP Mountaineers, since some mountaineers are also triathletes.

For rock climbing, you could go to Power-Up orask anyone from the UP Mountaineers.

Triathlon Schedule

Hot Links

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Power Up-Center for Climbing and Fitness
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In Filipino we say, "Paalam, sana ay nasiyahankayo!". (Goodbye, hope you enjoyed your browsing)

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