Ray Giles was born and raised in Bronx, New York City and attended public school 41 and Our Savior Lutheran High School.

He holds a B.A. from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst in Independent Study titled: "Media Management", where he combined course curriculums from both Schools of Management and Communications.

In 1991 after working as a free-lance graphic designer in NY for four years he decided to take a short vacation on the Caribbean island of the Dominican Republic. During that summer he became enchanted with the warm weather and friendly smiles of the Dominican people, and quickly decided to stay awhile.

In 1992 Ray became acquainted with Altos de Chavon- The School of Design, (affiliated with Parsons School of Design), New York City, volunteering his time to help the students in their computer graphics techniques. It was a relationship that would change the course of his life. Within one year he became the manager and director of the small but powerful Macintosh computer lab.

For four years Ray worked with Dominique Bluhdorn, president of the Altos de Chavon Cultural Center Foundation and Stephen Kaplan, Rector of the School of Design to develop a 'state-of-the art' graphics design center, known today for it's award winning graphics design students and also talked about as the best of it's kind in the Caribbean Basin.

In August of 1996 he saw the advent of the Internet and it's inevitable impact on the Latin American Countries. He decided to leave the school to explore opportunities in publishing for the 'W3' (World Wide Web).

Since that time Ray has developed many online publications and business presentations for American international firms based in the Dominican Republic.

  • He is a mentor for Web Masters of ECSU Elizabeth City State University , which has recently developed a state of the art laboratory funded by NASA.
  • He works closely with his colleague, and long time friend, Mike Benson of SISCONTEC S.A.
  • and has recently been asked to speak at a regional conference for Real Estate firms in the D.R.

Ray Giles is currently a web developer and President of two On-line corporations based in the Dominican Republic, La Romana On-line , a sophisticated On-line magazine promoting tourism for the Eastern Region of the Dominican Republic, and Paradigm web development group, which provides tech support to businesses in both the Dominican Republic and North America.

How he is going to do all this and still find time for his lovely Dominican wife and four children is a mystery, however...

Ray Giles is a viable resource for all those who might need technical support on both platforms; Windows and Mac OS.

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