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Hello cyberpeople! I'm glad you came to visit my homepage, at least for a few minutes. My name is Alejandro, 33 years old. I actually live in Buenos Aires, Argentina -where i'm originally from- although i've lived in Asia for a short period of time, and almost 3 years in Bethesda, Maryland (U.S.A.). I'm a lawyer, specialized in Criminal Law, and work at a Juvenile Court in Buenos Aires. However, i do spend a lot of time in front of my computer, and connected to the Internet. In fact, you'll surely find me at my favourite chatroom in Geocities.....

"The Tropic Cabana"

Better known....as *JEWEL's Kingdom*

This place is open to everyone...24 hours a day....nobody cares about your age..sex..race..religion...or political ideologies....

We just only discriminate on behaviour basis, so...as long as you are polite and friendly, you'll be most welcome!!

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1. me 2. Favourite sport.

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A. In love? Okay, send him/her some flowers

B. Travel around with The Virtual Tourist

C. Listen to some music while you surf the net

D. Write me an e-mail if you want to start a cyberfriendship

E. Want to see some animated gifs? Click me

G. Search engines, local newspapers (Argentina), chatrooms, free web based emails!!

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