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As of today, this page is still in progress, so please feel free to send me any suggestion to make it more interesting. The purpose of this page is to capture the attention of those folks who share my same interest on travel experiences.

ehm ... I was in trouble writing down a good starting paragraph for my WWW page ... but I found a nice solution (see Antonio's page in order to understand which it is)

Aim of this page

The general aim of this page is to gather travel information, impressions, tips and suggestions concerning almost unconventional destination across the world. Information will be provided as short travel reports mixed with (little) colour photos. I believe you will find here something useful in order to plan your future journeys. The contributions won't be limited to my experiences but will be opened to all friends of mine (after an unquestionable personal evaluation)

A (tentative) list of available stuff (to be completed as soon as possible)

Personal info (if you're interested in)

I was born in Genoa (Italy) on August 11, 1958, and I don't want to annoy the audience with too much details concerning me, my wife and my (wonderful) daughter. My working activities are in computer science (in general) and image processing and pattern recognition (more deeply). In the spare time my main interests are '70 rock music (mainly progressive), soccer and growing kids techniques. I also manage a huge site about women soccer in Italy, please visit it!

Here is a short list of my favourite links:

A friend of mine hosts a very interesting site about adventure travel in Venezuela. You can't miss it!

Again, if you have any comments ...

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