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An Homage to Cairo

Mosque of Qytby, from SIRA
The Mosque of Sultn Qytby, 1910
Northern Qarfa, Cairo, Egypt
From SIRA's Cairo postcards collection
(© coll. R. Vergnieux)

The Mosque of Qytby is one of my favorites in Cairo. It also serves as a symbol in my post-Cairo poetry. Samples here are from A Summer on the Nile.

Ahln wa Sahln! Salvete!
Arabic and Latin, respectively, for "Hello"

al-Gadd or Nov: The What's New section: April 2003
Updates to the MAL Memories section and a little bit of the much-needed clean-up of this page and the Latin sections. I do actually have a fair amount of scanned material for the Latin Clvb site; I just need to find the time to polish the images and code the pages. School and my other two webmaster jobs eat most of my time. . . .

May 7, 2002
Poets of the Caf, with love and thanks, and best wishes....

April 1, 2002
The Rant, the end of the free Internet, and the new email address. . . . Plus, the <sigh> that follows.

I've almost finished my third year of graduate work at Georgetown and have no illusions that this site will receive lots of attention. Perhaps, like most of my friends (those against whom I "competed" for the "Best of CGHS Class of `95 Websites" award), I should just take my website down (the Internet is dead), but I seem unwilling to do so. I do, however, hope to continue to make minor updates from time to time. Thanks for visiting (all 19,000 of you to this main page since June 1996!), and please stop by from time to time.

Coming soon: Even though I'm now back in school for graduate school, I still hope to find the time to give this site a well-needed overhaul. Photos for the Summer in Syria page and more photos from Egypt and my decade of MAL participation are still on the way, insh´allah. Until then, visit what's here and thanks for coming. Please email me with your comments and suggestions.

Learn more about me, my life, my friends at GU and elsewhere . . . .

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The Cairo in America Web-Counter says that you are the Arabic counter visitor to al-Qhira f Amrk since June 2, 1996. Mabrk! Congratulations! On July 19, 2002, the counter rolled over 20,000! 20,000 visitors in a little over six years; I guess that's not bad for a small site like mine!

This main page is over three years old now and changes very slowly, although it is in dire need of a major redesign when I get the time. The subpages, however, are updated more frequently as I scan new slides and find neat stuff. Thank you for bearing with me, and please come back again soon. Thanks.

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Watch for the arrival of more Syria and Cairo pictures, coming in a few weeks, insh´allah!

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