International Blonde Association

in Australia

Australian blondes have had enough of the jibes and the piss taking. Founding members of the association believe that blondes have been jibed at and have had the piss taken out cheaply and for too long. They decided to do something to overturn the misconception.

In a chat room on the Internet, 3 Australian girls, Kristy Peters , Kelly Webb and Rachelle Medley, found that they all had their enjoyment of singing in common also had similar musical influences, according to them, the situation has reached such proportion that action must be taken, so they decided to get together socially. Real Blondes was ready to launch.

The International Blonde Association was then founded in support of Real Blondes from the background. We organise activities to give the public a strong message that Real Blondes can sing and are not just another group of female models. Just like Kelly said "Everyone these days sees a new girl group and thinks, here's another contrived bunch of models, actors or kids from a dance school. For us it's not like that, we are dedicated to our music. "

Thanks to Sony Australia, Real Blondes have released their first EP titled "We B Cool". However, we still have a long way to go. We will continue to call for your supports as we know that the only way to ensure Real Blondes long term success is to build a strong base of public supports. We like to see Real Blondes' global success and become another Australia's successful export like Kylie Minogue. We get the message across through public coverage, for example, a worldwide presentation is now available on the Internet.

The association aims to represent Real Blondes globally, through local Real Blondes fan clubs and branch offices throughout the world.

The Blonde Association is planning to organise a global meeting call Real Blondes seminar in Australia, in which Kristy Peters , Kelly Webb and Rachelle Medley and other prominent figures will be invited to open the proceedings.

The International Blonde Association is currently calling for assistance on the following projects,

  • BlondieGuard. The fact is, the official security is never enough to protect our Real Blondes talents, especially in large public events. We need a all-girl security team similar to the Charlies Angels, who did a smooth job in Mr James Packer's wedding, to build a background security shell in the crowd. Register yourself as a BondieGuard now.

  • RBB. Send in any news you know about the Real Blondes to post on the Real Blonde Board. - note: not to confuse with the Blonde Bored, we know they never are.

  • RBG There are currently 3 catagories in the Real Blondes Gallery:

    1-Real Blondes, showcasing photos of Kristy, Kelly or Rachelle.
    2-Blonde Blonde, if you are blonde or just turned blonde, we believe that's something to celebrate, send your photos to the gallery.
    3-Super Blonde, if you think Kristy, Kelly or Rachelle looks like you or someone you know, send some photos to the gallery judges. You may be eligible to the Real Blondes Awards.
    4-Non Blonde, of course, we need a lot of non blondes to show that Real Blondes are different, send your photos to the gallery if you are proud of being or turning non blonde.

  • RBP. Talk to any prominent friends you know to participate in the Real Blonde Cross Promotion program. We are considering a honorary position for Ms Sarah O'hare Murdoch or Ms Jodie Packer.

  • RBS. Real Blondes Strike Back is a program to defend the Real Blondes and other talents from injustic attacks and give them a fair go. Things as complicated as GST on CDs or as unfair as Blonde Jokes are on our priority list. We have established a collection of Brunette Jokes to balance the overwhelming blonde jokes that have been unfairly spread out in the past years.
We would like to give those who when to support Real Blondes instore performance a big hug. ( what? you wish :) We'll keep you informed on Real Blondes new ventures.

Those who are interested in being a member of the International Blonde Association can contact the Association by email at:, Tel/Fax: 02 9776 3721. If you are calling from outside of Australia, dial +612 9776 3721.

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