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Find People, Business... Address, Phone Number and Email Address.

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Have you lost contact with people dear and near to you ? Have you lost or can't find the address and phone number of a friend, relative and or a business ? Chances are you will find them here... through my Links. This page will link you with all the sites that allow you to search for individuals, businesses, their addresses, phone numbers and e-mail address if any. You can find your old room mate, school mate, long lost brothers, sisters or if you are adopted, search your biological parent by their name in Phone Directory. Check out the Adoptees Registry and Classified. Find your family tree from Genealogical sites.

Find E-mail Address of a Person or Business.

When you visit these sites, don't forget to register your name . These are free services.

Four11.com is a good bet.
Lookup for e-mail address search.
Internet Address Finder is here.
Finger to find people and their server.
Address and E-mail address finder.
HongKong Directory.
Yahoo! People Search
OKRA: Netizen Directory Service.
WED: World Email Directory
LinkStar Internet Directory
Singapore Email Addresses.
Free E-mail Address. Have your own free Email address.
Another free E-mail Address.
Get a free email address from Yahoo too
Free E-mail Address for USA residents only.
When you find people through these pages, don't forget to send an E-Postcard to them...Or Send a Greeting card to them. I will appreciate an E-Postcard from you, if your search was successful.

Phone Directories from Around the World...
White and Yellow Pages.

InfoSpace The Most Comprehensive Telephone Directory from almost all the the countries in the world.
American Directory Assistance: People.
Argentina White Pages.
American Directory Assistance: Business.
Area Code Lookup for Canada and USA.
Australian White Pages.
Australian Yellow Pages
Austrian White Pages.
Belgium Directory.
Canada-411 Directory Assistance White and Yellow Pages.
Canadian Phone Search
Chile Yelllow Pages.
European Directory.
French Phone Directory.
Dutch Phone Directory.
InfoSpace Reverse Lookup available for Canada and USA.
Delhi and Mumbai, India.
Directory for Chennai,(Madras) India.
Yellow Pages of Israel
White Pages of Israel
Italian Yellow Pages.
Japan Telephone Directory.
Luxemburg Phone Girectory.
Lycos People Finder.
Malaysian White Pages.
Netherland Telephone Guides.
New Zealand Telephone Directory.
Norway Directory.
White and yellow pages from Pakistan
Singapore Business Directory.
Singapore Telephone Directory. White and Yellow Pages.
Slovania Phone Directory.
South African Ipages.
Stortele Swedish Yellow pages.
Switzerland White Pages.
U.K. Shopping City.
USA People Search
Yahoo! Phone Search.
Switchboard currently available for USA only.
Business Yellow Pages from around the world is here.
Phone Listing with Location Map.
Here is the National (USA) Directory with MAPS showing the Phone listing and Location of Hotels Motels and Businesses. American Business Info.
Asia / Pacific Fax Directory. Includes listings from INDIA, Pakistan, Sri-Lanka, Bangladesh.
Business Directory.
BigYellow Pages.
If you are looking for Tollfree Numbers from ATT... find here.
Before you call Check Country Code, Area code and Local time of place you are calling to.

Adoptees Registry and Classifieds.

Adoptees Registry and Classifieds. Free!
Canadian Adoptees.. U.S.A Adoption Notices.


Lists of Genealogy Sites... Find your Family tree.

Search in Newsgroups...

When you fail to find the person you are searching through the links provided,
as a last resort try posting a message in the Newsgroups with background
and similar interests as this person.
Newsgroups (Usenet)

Newsgroups are Internet discussion groups.
The Subjects can be of great importance or could be trivial,
but are always interesting. You can post messages in the Newsgroups
asking readers to help you find the person you are looking for...
Make sure you post messages in the relevant Newsgroups with similar
interests and or background as the person you are searching for.

Desis In The Net...

Find people from India in the Inter-Net.
  • Please register your name, if you fit the description in these sites.
    List of Desi Homepages Homepages of Indians in the net.
    List of People of Indian origin.
    Malayalee Database if you are looking for People of Malayalee/Kerala origin.
    People from Pune
    Australian Indians.
    Indians in Germany.
    Gujarati Directory.
    Saurashtrians in America.
    Cyber Bengalis.

    Alumni Page...

    World Alumni. Registry and Search.
    Indian Alumni. Registry and Search.
    Alumnis from India Search... by Name:

    Help Find Missing Children!

    National Center Of Missing and Exploited Children.
    Child Find Canada.
    Child CyberSearch Canada.
    Heidi Search Center.
    Polly Klaas Foundation.

    If all the above searches for a missing person fail....TRY Unclaimed Persons...!!!

    Money Left Behind or Forgotten!

    Find Money...! Money in your previous Bank Accounts or Unknown Inheritance.

    Maps from Around The World...

    Interactive USA Roadmap
    USA Roadmap, Interactive too.
    This is another Interactive USA Roadmap.

    For Sports And Entertainment...

    Toronto Film Festival
    Cricket News, Information and Latest Scores.

    Search Engines...

    Alta Vista

    Other Useful Sites for Travellers...

    Currency Converter
    Check Local Times Around the World, before you call!
    Time in India Now...Is
    Transit Systems WorldWide.
    How Far Is It ?
    Perpetual Calendar
    Todays Horoscope
    Postal Code Lookup for Canada.

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