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Welcome to my home page, and to New Zealand. This home page is subject to occasional modification. Last modified 7 September 1997.

Click for JPEG Myself and Son

This is the most up to date photo of myself I can find. That Boy is now 13! Have I been avoiding cameras? I now have three sons.

I am a New Zealander (Kiwi) of Scandinavian and British descent.

Features planned for this page include some scenic photos of New Zealand, some information and pictures of New Zealand steam locomotives, and some pictures of myself and my family doing the kinds of things we like doing, such as Sailing, Scandinavian cultural activities, and Rock 'n' Roll Dancing.

Latest feature is some more loco pictures. I hope soon to add some more Rock 'n' Roll pictures.

To save you time and conserve net bandwidth, I have provided a tiny thumbnail for each picture. If you want to see it a bit larger, click on the thumbnail or the highlighted text. The pictures were all taken by myself or my wife, and may be freely used for noncommercial purposes such as student projects. The contents of this page are copyright 1996 J. H. Olsen

Please acknowledge me as "John Olsen" when using them.

I would also love to get an email from anyone who likes the photos. If you would like higher resolution versions for use as wallpaper or screensavers, contact me by email.

Rock 'n' Roll

New Zealand Scenery

A little sailing

Scandinavian Culture

New Zealand Locomotives

I hope you enjoy this little sample. Thanks to the folks who have helped me, especially Diane. Thanks to Amy for suggesting some rearrangements.
You can see Dianes Home Page at http://www.scott.net/~dgilley/index.html

Due to the fact that number of books in my collection has now reached sufficient mass to distort reality L-Space can now be reached from this site.
L-Space Now! OOK!

Macarena? Just say no.....

Matt has a page with some interesting New Zealand links at:
Matt the Ratt
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