The Cocos Island Picture Gallery (1)

This picture shows Governor August Gissler and two of his friends at the time of the failed colonization attempt at Cocos Island.
August Gissler's registered 1894 "The Cocos Island Plantation Company" and sold stock certificates to finance the planting of crops and not at least to get the necessary fund for his treasure hunt.

One of the early treasure maps, drawn by Hammond Smith, October 22, 1820, by the order of Captain Thompson. Thompson was the Captain turned Pirate and mastermind of the loot "Devonshire Treasure", know also as the Lima Treasure". The map on the top shows the northern part of the Island, and on the bottom the "Genio River" meeting "Wafer Bay".It's not known if anyone found the treasure by using this map.

This treasure map shows the northeast corner of "Wafer Bay". Believing the map maker, the treasure is hidden in a small cave at the feet of a huge cliff, 200 feet behind the shore line.

This map was drawn 1904 by Captain Fradin with the help of August Gissler. Shown are the sites of both treasures believed buried on Cocos Island, the "Lima Treasure" and the loot of "Benito Bonito of the bloody sword". This original map is part of the "Cocos Collection" of Peter Disch-Lauxmann.


Another rare "Cocos Collectible". A ticket to Cocos Island, issued 1982 only ones, and never again.

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