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This syte is a COBWEB syte. As you will notice my copyright and updates are dated LAST YEAR. I have NOT had time to update ANY of my PAGES for a few months. Please brush aside the cobwebs and enjoy none-the-less! Goddess Bless! -- Venus 10 July 1997

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The 3 M’s (ME, musik, movies) and the GOLD COAST --Queensland Australia—I wouldn’t wanna be anywhere else!! *** 4EVA BUILDING ***


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"Advance Australia Fair!!!" Get the point! Atlanta will be nothing compared to......

S Y D N E Y 2000 !!!!!

" At the dawn of a new millennium the mission of SOCOG is to deliver the athletes of the world and to the Olympic movement, on behalf of all Australians, the most harmonious, athlete-oriented, technically excellent and culturally enhancing Olympic Games of the modern era " - SOCOG

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