Society for the
Preservation of the
Pink Plastic
Lawn Flamingo
(Pseudamingoflay plasticus)


Join us in a celebration of a classic American icon, the pink plastic lawn flamingo! Gain new insights into the life of this fascinating creature. Learn more about its: scientific background, domestic habits, work life, natural allies, migratory patterns, and primary residence.
The Society for the Preservation of the Pink Plastic Lawn Flamingo was founded in July, 1998, in a Mexican restaurant in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. The charter members were greatly concerned that the P. plasticus was edging towards extinction as more and more of its native habitat was being snuffed out by subdivisions. A full scale investigation was launched. As this website documents, many fascinating discoveries have been made over the course of our research. Most importantly, the Society is pleased to announce the Pink Plastic Lawn Flamingo is alive and thriving (especially in Travelers Rest).

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