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HI! And welcome to my corner. Why do I call this my corner? Well, let's examine the definition of a corner. What is a corner? It's a space between two walls, right? It's a place in the home where dust gathers, cobwebs hang, and maybe, an old, frumpy chair takes residence. It's where we were sent as young children when we misbehaved. But now, it's just a comfortable, worn, and often overlooked place where I put my thoughts on the web. Few know I am here. The hackers don't see anything of value in my corner. Those seeking answers find nothing profound here. But the tired, restless, searching individual is always welcome to make my corner their home. To take refuge in that frumpy, old chair, even though the colors might not complement the rest of the room. The chair, and my corner, are familiar, cozy, and part of home. This is my home in the endless web of cyberspace. This is my corner.

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Who Is Nikie?

HI! I'm Nikie. I live in a sleepy little town in northern Indiana, near Purdue University. I am a 16 year old senior in high school. I hope to be a genetic engineer someday, and I think science is really cool. I am applying to three different schools this semester: Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Worcester, Massachussettes, Purdue, and Indiana University. I would really like to go to WPI because they have a realy unique curriculum. However, tuition there is three times as much as in-state, state colleges (as opposed to private). Between Purdue and IU, I'd much rather go to IU, but Purdue is such a strong school for engineering that I think I might be hurting myself if I rule it out now. I'm pretty boring, and that's all, so enjoy! If you're actually interested in some of my REAL talents, please see my resume.
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Hey everyone! Amazingly, I have chosen to update my site! Another odd thing is that people have actually visited me since I last came here! Check out the counter! Well, I'm feeling a little distant from my web home here. You see, my brother was being retarded and threw away our internet access. Now, we have no e-mail at my house, so please don't e-mail me for awhile. Ahh-three days until Christmas. And still, my shopping is not done. Will it ever be? Has anyone ever wondered how in the world all the unexpected, unforseen expenses in our lives somehow end up getting together and happening all at once? It's an amazing phenomenon, they never have the decency to tell us that they're on their way, but they always collaborate with one another. One example, my car broke. Not in the middle of summer when walking is an enjoyable diversion, but in winter, when I'm sick, can't walk, and have no money to make repairs. Just figures! Starting Point

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