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Willemien Welcome to The Far East Holiday Page

of Willemien & Peter Peter

On this page I'll try to give all the information about our trip to Malaysia and Sumatra.

Date Place Remarks
Jan,22 Amsterdam Flight BA439,BA33 (Peter)
Jan,23 KL arrival Where Ross & Melissa-Jane surprised me
Jan,24 Kuala-Lumpur Click here for a KL view
Jan,26 KL Willemien's arrival from India
Jan,30 Taman Negara Nusa Camp in the National park
Jan,31 Nusa Camp Visited the ABAI waterfall
Feb,1 Kualah Tehan One day trip
Feb,2 Tembeling Back to Tembeling by boat

Tanah Merah By train to this small village
Feb,3 Kuala Besut The point to leave for the Perhentian Islands
Feb,4 Perhentian Islands By fisher boat to P. Kecil (the small island)
Feb,10 Kota Bharu Back to the mainland via K. Besut & Jetih
Feb,10 Kota Bharu By nightbus to :
Feb,11 Penang For the ferry to Sumatra (Indonesia)
Feb,12 Medang Our starting point for Lake Toba
Feb,13 P.TukTuk/ Samosir Two islands in a crater-lake
Feb,20 Medang Back to the airport to go back to Malaysia
Feb,21 KL Back in Kuala Lumpur again for the last days
Feb,24 KL. Departure time from KL-airport, where

Eddie & YinPeng give us a lift back to the airport.

Feb,25 A-dam End of the trip


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