Your Attitude determines your Latitude!

The islands call out to you

...they pull you to them as the moon draws the tides.

Take a virtual vacation with us and leave your troubles behind... Let's start with a trip to Margaritaville and then we will visit The Hogs Breath Saloon. Would'ya like to taste a little music? Try Jimmy Buffett who is the unOFFICAL Ambassador of the islands! Does more traditional music strike your fancy? Well we have that too. Are news and pictures what you're hunting...try the Carribean Connection! How about a homegrown cocktail to take off the edge... Feeling good, but wanting to do more? Why not help us to save the manatees? And while you're at it...keep in touch with us here in the Islands through the Coconut Telegraph! Maybe you just want to kick back and watch the sunset in Key West. If you are looking for something that's a little more "real"...try a Cruise with the Parrotheads! If a smaller, more intimate ship is in order, hop on a Bareboat.

Do you thirst for adventure? Pirates have a rich tradition in the tropics and an interesting history. How about joning the Carribean Pirates in their search for treasure... Do you want to know who the Pirates were and what they did? Hint, there's treasure buried near.......

Want to move to a virtual tropics location...see our friends at Geocities. They have open lots where you can build your own home page...and they are free! If you are new to us, remember are welcome in the islands!

Take a look at these favorite places...

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