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A view of the mouth of the West River





Welcome to the Lyons Brook and Surrounding Area home page. Lyons Brook is Located in Pictou County, Nova Scotia. It is only minutes from the historic town of Pictou on Route 376 South. It is a picturesque community situated at the mouth of the West River. The Lyons Brook area encompasses the village of Scotsburn, Durham,  Locbroom, and Sylvester.

The Community Of Lyons Brook Has a population of approximately 250 people. The two largest communities on either side of Lyons Brook are Durham and Scotsburn. They have populations of 310 and 500 people respectively. Lyons Brook has many small businesses, which include a corner store, restaurant, video rental store, home supply depot, and much more. It also has a Community Access Site which provides Internet access at West Pictou District High School. 



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