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Last modified Aug 16, 1998

District II covers from Mililani Town (Kipapa Gulch) in the south to Waimea Bay Beach Park and Kaena Point in the north. In Area this is the largest District on Oahu.

The types of emergencies that occurs here includes Flash Floods, High surf, Tsunamis, High Winds, and the dreaded Hurricanes. We have also responded to requests from the Police Dept whenever they needed manpower for traffic control due to closed roads or power outages that affect traffic lights.

The public should be aware that when they see Civil Defense people in the public that these people are probably volunteers and not paid staff members. The Volunteers use their own vehicles, radio equipment, fuel and other supplies/equipment. We have been known to man posts for up to 15 hours continuously to insure the safety of the people who live or must pass through the district. During High surf season if the surf is predicted to be in excess of 20 ft you can expect to see Volunteers out all night patroling the beaches and the beachside roads. During Hurricane Season Volunteers are out from the time the emergency is declared until the emergency is declared over and sometime if there are damages well after that.

If you are interested District II holds it meetings every 4th Thursday of the month at the Emergency Operating Center at 7:00 pm unless there is a Holiday that week. Visitors are welcome. Volunteers are especially welcome.

Activities and Meetings

Oahu Civil Defense Agency

News of Past Activities (Whenever I have time to update)

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