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Welcome! Come in, sit down, kick off your shoes and relax for a while. You look like you could use the rest! Excuse the "mess" in here, but I'm just getting started at arranging things!

Now that you're comfortable, let's chat for a while. My favorite room in the house is this den, otherwise known as "our family room". If  I'm not sitting in here with a good book, or playing on my "computer", I might be found concocting some "recipe" in the kitchen. Of course, if the weather is really nice outside, I'd prefer to be working in the garden. If I'm all caught up with my outdoor chores, you  can bet I'm probably out playing tennis or golf!

I really enjoy my new Toshiba laptop computer that my husband bought me for Christmas. It's opened up a whole new world for exploration on the Internet. I'm very much a "newbie"  but trying hard to educate myself and take advantage of all there is to learn on the big WWW. The fact that you found me, tells me you too are the adventurous type!

Well, I really must get back to work! I'm so glad you stopped by for a visit! I love meeting new people and hope you'll come back from time to time to see how I'm progressing with the development of this page. I hope to have some fun & interesting "links" to make it worth your while. Watch for "Our Family Room" to develop where you will find the results of my family genealogy research. The "Book" area will feature some excerpts from my husband's latest novel (if he'll let me print them), his previous unpublished efforts, and other sources for helping aspiring writers.

I need some help in locating some missing ancestors, so here is the beginning of the John T. Harris Family Home Page! We really need to find a pirate or a princess in our ancestry, so please look to see if anyone's name is familiar and let me know!

Speaking of links, before you leave, why not visit my sister, HawaiianI's Home Page....you'll be glad you did! Be sure and tell her I sent you!

"Originality is the Ability to Conceal the Source"

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