Welcome to the "John T. Harris Family Home Page!" Though it is said "the apples never fall far from the tree", I believe mine have rolled some distance. I have been researching my family genealogy for several years and am still unable to locate these greatly missed family members.

My grandfather, John T. Harris, his parents and siblings, are known to have resided in Bradford, PA in 1897 and listed in the City Directory till 1901, when they were no longer listed. His father, George, came from England (DOB 1849) to Canada and married Mary A. Connor? (Aylmer, Ontario). The children of this marriage are: George W., John T., Fred (clerk), Edward (broker), Alexander (plumber), Joseph (driver), and a sister, Charlotte. It is presumed that John left before other family members, as the last time his name appeared in the directory was in 1897.

John T. was born in Canada June 4, 1870 and died Feb. 16, 1925 in Pittsburgh, PA. Please help me find this family!

"The John T. Harris Family Home Page"
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