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Welcome to my little piece of the cyber world. I am known as AJ. You can find me in the Thirty-Something Chat forums. I started chatting in these forums in May 1996, little did I know how much it will change my life forever.
I was born in Manila, in the warm tropical islands of the Philippines, then moved to Toronto, Canada when I was really young. Went to high school partied my ass off, then found a job and became responsible. *LMAO* In 1986, I decided to head west and I now live in the beautiful city of Vancouver, province of British Columbia, in the Canadian westcoast. It is a place of sapphire peaceful ocean, majestic mountains, clean fresh air, evergreen forests, unspoiled natural beauty and friendly people. Saying that I just love it here, is an understatement indeed! What do I like doing when not chatting? I like tennis, golf, skiing, skating, painting with watercolor, photography, collecting and watching movies in my home theater system, reading books & magazines and of course home computing. I have a diploma in Computer System Operations and Computer Graphic Design.

If you are lonely, I will cheer you up. If you need somebody to listen to you, I will lend you my ears. If you have to cry, I will let you cry on my shoulders. If you need support, you can lean on me. If you are hurting I will kiss the pain away. If you are sick I will take care of you. When you are anxious, I will calm you down. If you are tense, I will make you relax, even give you a massage. I will offer you light-hearted, sensible, meaningful and intelligent conversations and my honest opinion. If you need me I will be there for you. I will do all this for you because you are my friend.
For whatever reasons that escaped me *innocent look* the following are some of the terms people at the chat forums has given me, called me or thrown at me: wonderful, sweet, generous, passionate, good, smooth talker *G*, suave, too funny *LOL*, cool, superhero, captivating, romantic, intriguing, lover *EWG*, master of flirt *wink*, prince, creative, dreamy *blush*, brilliant, awesome, imaginative, seducteur, charmer *giggle*, better than chocolates, heartbreaker, great friend, smart, classy, got it all, gentleman, the best! Just to name a few. *rotflmao*

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