Are you Evil, Stupid,
or Against Prohibition?

Prohibition is the tyranny of greed and ignorance.

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"Once everything not expressly legal is prohibited,
everything not prohibited becomes mandatory."

If prohibition ended today, would you start using drugs?

If you really wanted to try them, would the law against them stop you?

Does the law stop anyone who is currently violating prohibition?

When is the last time you heard of a liquor store owner caught at a schoolyard offering kids their first bottle for free?

Prohibition is based on the myth that, if it didn't exist, then everyone would become addicted to something like drugs, sex, or gambling, and civiliztion would crumble.

Guess what folks, it is prohibition itself that is making civilization crumble. It is prohibition itself that perpetuates the cycle of addiction, corruption, and violence.

Addiction (compulsive/obsessive disorder) is created not by a substance but by artificial scarcity (prohibition). This is exactly why dieters become obese.

Removing the profit motive and banning advertising can prevent young people from being introduced to drugs. Adults seldom become addicted. Taxation would provide funds for effective early medical intervention to thwart the few naturally occurring cases of addiction. Research into genetics indicates that there are biochemical and physiological variations in humans that predispose different people to different predelictions. This strongly suggests that legalization would not lead to an increase in addictions since people so predisposed are probably already self-medicating despite the existence of prohibition. The overwhelming majority not predisposed to addiction (but predisposed to the temptation of "forbidden fruit") would no longer find drugs at all alluring.

Prohibition is a form of genetic persecution on par with Racism. In fact, according to international law, prohibition conforms to all of the criteria needed to qualify it as genocide. Whenever you hear "drugs" or "illegal drugs" blamed for something, replace the phrase with the word "prohibition" and the truth will begin to reveal itself to you. Then replace it with "genocide" and you realize that the policies being rammed down our throats are really designed to do the opposite of what they are publicized as doing. Prohibition destroys public health, and freedom. It destroys innocent people while enriching the most vile, sociopathic, and corrupt people imaginable.

Laws or willpower or pshchological therapy has no effect on the small segment of the population that is prone to true addiction. Most of these people would have no trouble leading productive lives if they weren't forced into crime or prostitution to support their 'abnormal', yet certainly not evil, biochemical limitations. These people are not genetically predisposed to crime or violence. Only to chemical imbalance similar to bipolar disease. They cannot be treated as criminals by any civilized society or legal system.

It is those few with the sociopathic propensity for being corrupt whom we really need to be afraid of. Prohibition demonizes a large, otherwise non-violent and productive, segment of the population, while providing the truly dangerous among us with the exclusive opportunity to quite literally grow money on trees. The market cannot really be free unless it is also fair.

Prohibition diverts potential tax, many times over, to organized crime and funds government corruption. Prohibition is simply the IRS for the Mob. And the Mob runs TV and mainstream media. It runs the CIA. It runs banking, industry, science, name it. After 50 years of complicity between Organized Crime, the National Security Council, and residual elements of the Nazis, just about everything is owned on paper by a terrifyingly small group of people. Many of them are familiar with ostensibly respectible names like George Reagan, Ronald Bush, William Kissinger, Henry Clinton, Allan Casey, William Dulles, Casper North, and Oliver Weinberger, etc., etc., etc.

If National Security does not take over the drug trade, the mob will take over National Security. This is not speculation. It is simple economics. IT HAS ALREADY HAPPENED! And it is a marriage truly made in Hell. The ability to act wholly outside of the law with impunity, and bring to bear the full weight of all intelligence, enforcement, and millitary power is too great a temptation for even the most disciplined civil servant -let alone druglord. Anyone who has caught a glimpse behind the veil of government secrecy knows this. This is what Prohibition and State Secrecy hath wrought.

Jailing all of the conspirators, confiscating their illegally acquired property, and convicting them of High Treason is what should be done according to the very laws these same people have been forcing upon us. But is that ever going to happen? Never in your wildest pipedream. Not without some serious changes requiring some serious effort by YOU! All that is required of good people for evil (i.e. totalitarianism) to flourish, is to do nothing. Nothing that is until we all become reduced below the level of serfdom or even slavery, to that of expendable subhuman commodities,

The [few] people [behind the corporate veil] who convinced the majority to vote against more prisons and for harsher drug penalties, now reap huge profits from privatized prisons. Who do you think has the money, power, and motivation to perpetrate such a grand manipulation? Just as with the struggle for control of national security, the prohibition profiteers, in their desperate efforts to find growth industries in which they can invest their billions have already succumbed to "penal envy" and metasticized themselves into the booming prison-for-hire and prisoner-work markets. Labor concentration camps with a kinder gentler "Happy Face?"

We still can and MUST abolish prohibition, and end state secrecy. It isn't too late, yet. Prohibition and Secrecy, not legalization, are the 'experiments' and they have failed miserably, my friends. They are nothing less than modern-day hunting of witches. Legalization with regulation, taxation, education, and therapeutic intervention is not an experiment. It is the only sane and civilized policy, and it has always worked everywhere for millennia.

It would be foolish to deny that, on the surface, making drugs, gambling, and prostitution illegal seems to be a reasonable way of controlling their consumption, for the betterment of the overall quality of life.

Unfortunately, reality is not so simple. It is not an open ended proposition. Meaning "what goes around comes around." It does not matter how moral, altruistic, or well intended the motivation for passing a law is. What matters is the effect a law actually has. The people who write prohibition legislation know this. Do not be naiive! Any corrupt politician knows full well that in order to get corrupt legislation passed, it must be cloaked in altruism, morality, and good intention.

We cannot unjustly prosecute (persecute) an otherwise productive, law abiding, and, intrinsically harmless segment of the population without ultimately doing harm to ourselves. They will, and do fight back. With violent street crime. Theft. Burglary. Extortion. Money siphoned thusly from the economy to buy exhorbitantly overpriced contraband, not only puts tremendous power (billions of untaxed, off-the-books dollars) in the hands of sociopaths (drug overlords), it also robs vital cash flow from the small businesses in your community, where the ciphoned local money doesn't get spent. This means fewer jobs (more crime), and a smaller local tax base. Even the most 'innocent' members of society pay for it in increased costs for insurance, security, and retail goods.

At the same time that peace officers are being asked to investigate and arrest people for crimes-that-are-not-crimes, there is less funding generated locally to empower them. Federal funding for local police is, not surprisingly because of the entrenched corruption, only made available if used to "fight drugs." This only perpetuates the cycle, generating ever higher profits for the few, more violent crime, theft and corruption ....and errosion of our God-given rights.

Making non-violent acts illegal because they are supposedly immoral generates an increasingly downward-spiraling, self-destructive, more corrupt, and dangerous society, than no regulation at all! The more severe and draconian enforcement becomes, the higher prices go. This creates more crime and misery, higher profits for those on top of the pyramid, devastation of local economies, and a loss of ever more of our precious, yet dwindling, Human and Civil Rights. Prohibition, coupled with state secrecy and immunity from prosecution, gives unfair advantage to druglords, and damages the innocent. It makes the evil rich while robbing us of our Freedom. It protects no one except those corrupted by it.

Because of years of media brainwashing, prohibition seems like a "no-brainer" "must-do" proposition. Ending it sounds like an insane way to proceed. But careful analysis of cultures and countries where few or no prohibitions have been in effect, reveals quite the opposite. Participation in taboo behaviors we outlaw, turns out to be much lower in those cultures, especially among non-adults. Prohibition actually creates the profit motive necessary to get people to sell to minors who find the 'underground' culture irresistable. Regulation, as in liquor store licensing, makes it harder now for children to get alcohol than heroin or cocaine.

We're not asking you to put yourself out to help drug addicts do drugs. Prohibition already does that. We are pleading with you that it is in YOUR personal best interest to do everything you can to end the drug war, and other prohibitions. It is in your family's and your community's best interest, too. In fact prohibition only serves those who profit from it. (And that includes the Prison Industrial Complex!) If ending prohibition makes addicts' depravity less inhumane so much the better. A more humane approach will actually do more to reduce and prevent compulsive behavior and viloence.


If you think prohibition has a positive effect on the standard of living, and wellbeing of society, you are hallucinating.

Join the Green Ribbon
Anti-Prohibition Campaign

"Prohibition will work great injury to the cause of temperance. It is a species of intemperance within itself, for it goes beyond the bounds of reason in that it attempts to control a man's appetite by legislation, and makes a crime out of things that are not crimes.

A Prohibition law strikes a blow at the very principles
upon which our government was founded."

-Abraham Lincoln (1809-65) U.S. President.
Speech, 18 Dec. 1840, to Illinois House of Representatives

The sad fact is that Prohibition of relatively safe drugs like Cannabis, Opiates, Entheogens, and even Cocaine, forces the use of hard and extremely dangerous and dibilitating drugs like Tobbacco and Alcohol.

SAVE a CHILD - Don't Be One

The Government is not your parents.

Prohibition, and it's maniacal stepchild, the "War on Drugs," are destroying the fundamental values, goodwill, self-determination, and living standard that "we the people" were blessed to inherit.

The sad irony is that prohibition serves only to exacerbate the very problems it professes to alleviate.

The damage to the "Free World" that this insane collective self-mutillation has wrought upon us comes in the form of subversion, corruption, seemingly random "gang" violence and theft, and the resultant fear and mistrust that saps our quality of life.

This in addition to the HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS of DOLLARS spent or lost by the legitimate economy each year. The increasingly unweildy MULTI-TRILLION DOLLAR US National Debt would today easily be a MULTI-TRILLION DOLLAR surplus if prohibition hadn't robbed us of it.

Never before has one society spent so much, so ineptly, to "save" so few from something so harmless.

We have fallen prey to a witchhunt mentality more incidious than McCarthyism, more subtle than Orwell, and on the verge of becoming more tragic than Stalin, Mao, and Hitler combined.

If you drop a frog in hot water, it jumps out. If you start with a comfortable temperature, and heat the water slowly, the frog gets cooked alive. The temperature is nearly lethal already, what are we going to do?

Find out the truth about how much less harmful "controlled substances," and victimless "crimes" are, than the corruption and violence that their prohibition has created. Then put a green ribbon, on your website.

Simply copy this code onto your page.

Let the world know there is a better, healthier, more peaceful way to inspire future generatoions away from antisocial and destructive behavior.

If we continue to believe that we must pass laws that prohibit adult behavior, to [supposedly] make the world safe for our children, no one will ever grow up, and we are doomed.

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