Living in Thailand

Information for Foreigners coming to Thailand for Employment, Business and Residence.

Application for work permit.
Information extracted from Thailand Labour Department. Restrictions in Working in Thailand, Privileges of a work permit.
Application for Business Visa
Information obtained from Thailand Labour Department.
Extension of Visa
A guide on the regulations and procedures.
Communication Authority of Thailand Internet Pricing List
Cyber Cafes
Intergrated Services Digital Network ( ISDN )
Types of services available and their rates.
International Direct Dialing codes and rates
Thailand Internet Service Providers
A list of all ISPs in Thailand and their services and rates. Survey all the ISPs in Thailand in one window. You couldn't do it faster !.

Driving License
Driving licenses of countries recognized in Thailand. Application for a Thai driving license based on your existing driving license of your country.
Import of Vehicle into Thailand
An extensive information on importing vehicles into Thailand through the Malaysian Border.
Reading and Reference
Books that can provide you with more information
Government, Banks & Private Holidays in Thailand.
Income Tax structure
Individuals exempt from Income Tax, Countries with double tax agreement, Personal deductions & Tax computations.
Drinking Water
Quality of water in Thailand and information on obtaining drinking water.
Thailand News
News related to foreigners living in Thailand.
Organizations for women.
Finding Accomodation in Thailand
A check list and basic information you need to know when finding accomodation in Thailand.
Libraries in Bangkok
A list of Libraries in Bangkok
Thailand Television Channels
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Living In Thailand Service Directory
Directory of companies offering services in Thailand

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