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Last update 12/6/01: Here we are in Decemeber and incredibly behind our goal of 52 reviews a year, but here is some help: the Bruce Wayne review of Brotha Lynch Hung and C-Bo's "Blocc Movement". You can find it in the Sac-Town Reviews Section. Still up from before is our second review since we stopped a long time ago is that of Tech N9ne's "Anghellic", in the Midwest Reviews Section. We will still try to coninously update like we did in the earlier part of the year. We're gonna get back in the scheme of things soon, so check back once in a while to see what going on. As always, though, you can get to the reviews that are already up by clicking here:

Review's Main Page

TheInterview by DJ MT is here. He is featured on a number of projects and labels, notable Minority Militia, Low Town Records, Project Affiliated, and his own company, Farmhand Music. See what he has to say about present situations, upcoming releases, and his life in general.

Still up are the:

Lil Wyno Interview
Quite possibly the most talked
about interview on Boomin' Words From
Portsmouth is the Interview with Lil Wyno of
Low Down and Minority Militia
. See what he has to
say with his experiences with former labels,
current production, his life, and future projects.

Crooked Interview
The new Interview with Crooked of the Darkroom Familia is in.
See what he's got to say about upcoming
projects, like their new movie, the state of production,
and some controversy surrounding the DRF.
This is the follow-up to Crooked's much heralded first
interview on Boomin' Words.

The 2000 Awards are now up. Click here to find out what was hot this past year (2000) in the underground rap scene all over the country.

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Check out the Interview Links to get to past interviews, such as the Never, Tre-8, Sapo, J-Loc, and Crooked ones.

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The Opinions and Editorials Page is growing as usual. Check it out for the latest information on releases and to find out will be going on with Boomin' in the near future. When you are there, check out the latest post to find out when the site will be updated with some new things...

The site you have entered is one of total and unforgiven mental stress. Here, you will find CDs reviewed that come from artists that we feel offer the best in underground rap form all over. Because of this, Boomin' is moving along and so is the Reviews Page. Many will be added every so often from our reviewers, Bruce Wayne and Serr Dyno. If you want something reviewed, tell us. (No mainstream, no weak shit because most of it obviously sucks.) If not, enjoy the reviews that are up, check back often, and spread the word. Boomin' is growing by the week.

Peace out.

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